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  1. S1 KOS/BADRP Pulkovo

    @Strawberry no I wasn’t apart of anything to do with robbing him. @darkdrewlord you have clearly just lied when stating you were only aware of my presence when I spoke, as you can see in the video @Eddie Sorella posted you ran away as soon as you saw me jogging towards you.
  2. S1 KOS/BADRP Pulkovo

    You were stood next to the house as if you were comfortable with everyone around you so you must of known someone was going to approach you surely?..., you can't come and just stand in the town when you knew and must of seen everyone that lives there when you as stated above "didn't want to communicate". So because you assumed an ambush was being planned you shot me without even the thought of initiation?... @Strawberry I can confirm @Eddie Sorella would of seen the man stood at the house even though he didn't want to "communicate".
  3. S1 KOS/BADRP Pulkovo

    Server and location: S1 EU at the forest NE of Pulkovo Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 0805 19/01/18 Your in game name: Matt Price Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect: Peter Zolsevich (darkdrewlord) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: I returned back to the town after being out on a trip to Rogovo, as we came back The Kings Man were present and I was talking to them. I then noticed a guy stood in the corner by a house, I decided to approach this guy(gun was on my back) and he immediately turned around and sprinted. I followed him down the hill to the forest to question why he had ran away since we are peaceful at the town and have never caused harm to anyone. Just as I was in VOIP range I asked him to "Stop!" and he continued to run. Another thirty seconds passed and the distance between us two grew greater. He all of a sudden turned around (roughly 30ft away) raised his gun and shot me in the head. For one this guy was clearly avoiding Roleplay when he decided to run away for no apparent reason. He then shot me square in the face for shouting "Stop!" which is KOS and he was nowhere near VOIP range to try and initiate on me (which he didn't even do because he shot me instantly after raising his gun).
  4. Matt Price

    Matt Price, born in the United Kingdom...Liverpool to be exact. All he wanted to do was see the world, he loved travelling, it was a lot better than his daily job of fishing. Going out early in the morning for a full day out at sea...coming home in the dark pissed wet through, it wasn't for him, all he did it for was the money. Matt came to the decision to take a break once he'd saved up a bit of money, get out of the docks and see the world, it's what he dreamed of doing anyway. With most people though they just keep dreaming, hoping the day will come...Matt made it happen. He decided to start off by travelling to a place called Chernarus, it was just North East of Turkey. He liked going places he'd never heard of...it was an adventure for him. Of course he didn't speak their language so hand signals would have to do for now. After a couple of weeks of renting a 1 story house in the small town of Sinistok the infection began. He had no idea what was going on, he only spoke English, but it was pretty clear to Matt that whatever it was that was happening, it was far from good. He thought he was being stupid, over exadurating to say the least...so he ignored it, he ignored all the signs and stayed in the North West, Sinistok. It was then that Matt knew it was too late...he was woken up at roughly 3 in the morning by moans and banging coming from outside his house, loads of them, walking in unity. They weren't human is what he said to himself. A couple of days passed and food supplies were running low, he had to run..he didn't know where and he didn't know how, but something had to be done. This is what made the Matt Price of today, just a Survivor like everybody else still with no idea of what happened, running endlessly.
  5. As I stated... Jake promised you. Even though I had a perfect reason to initiate on you due to you leaving the Misfits the initiation was nothing to do with me. Another point, you have just admitted to raising your gun but in the video you attempt to say you were trying to put your gun on your back, you were either saying that because you were recording and you didn't want it to look like you raised your weapon or you just can't make up your mind.
  6. Mate if you raise your weapon for whatever reason you're getting shot..., whether it was human error or you went to shoot someone how would we be able to know the difference. Regarding Kaine, he didn't put his weapon on his back as seen in his evidence he literally just stood there with a pistol in his hand whilst you dropped to the floor. You were promised by Jake in OOC. It was not me nor Jake that initiated on you.
  7. Matt Price's POV: I was meeting up with Tomo after being killed the night before and he told me that he was with some lad who we use to be friends with called Bilbo. Bilbo use to be apart of our group...The Misfits. He left the Misfits and therefore left us with a reason to initiate on him. We talked to Bilbo and his friend for some time in Kabinino, after a while some of Tomo's brothers showed up who initiated on Bilbo and his friend. Can I just state there was no intentions of initiating and it was neither me or Tomo that initiated. Once the initiation was dropped Bilbo decided to raise his weapon and therefore got killed straight away. Due to Bilbo raising his weapon the other guy ended up getting killed in the clusterfuck as well. The guy just stood there with a pistol in his hand. The only thing I was involved in was the kill, nothing to do with OOC.
  8. PAU Announcement [Open]

    *Matt for the last time picks up his radio and presses the PTT* "Mong hah...quite ironic. Talk to him about it then if you have the balls, stop trying to chat shit on a fucking radio and do one. *Matt releases the PTT*
  9. PAU Announcement [Open]

    *Matt Price once again picks up the radio and presses the PTT* "My name Alex now is it?, no my names Matt. Hahahaha one of his spastics so you say. Strong words coming from a deluded fuck...sorry who are you again?, you don't get mentioned to often mate. *Matt laughs and releases the PTT*
  10. PAU Announcement [Open]

    *Matt hears the reply and picks up his radio. Confused he pushes the PTT* "I don't think you heard me right...who the fuck mentioned a firefight yesterday because I certainly didn't. Clear your fucking ears out you dumb bastard." *Matt releases the PPT putting the radio back in his pocket*
  11. PAU Announcement [Open]

    *Matt hears the transmittions being exchanged on the radio. He picks up his radio and presses the PTT* "Boys boys boys, you're really sat there behind your little radio trying to give us shit?, be careful your battery might run out with the amount of shit talking you're doing...pathetic, thought you'd be better than that haha! Why not come and say this to our faces yeah?, bunch of fucking pussies. And now you try to say you captured Alex?...please boys get a grip." *Matt releases the PPT and nods his head whilst laughing*
  12. Calling Out To The New Alliance [Open]

    *Matt sighing picks up the radio one more time pressing the PTT* "Listen here you fucking freak, you are no king, you'll never be a king and you never were again.Now run the fuck back to your little houses, screaming with laughter were You?, I don't remember it being like that, you even told them your name was shaun because you were too scared to admit who you are, it was only thanks to the legend that cut your fucking arm off that we knew it was you. Come out of hiding pussy boy. *Matt now fed up of picking up the radio throws it on the table and walks away*
  13. Calling Out To The New Alliance [Open]

    *Matt hears the last transmittion from Endeavour and presses the PTT* "You see...we aren't here to shut everyone down, we are here to invite people to bring peace. Now Endeavour you're a king are You?, highly doubt that buddy, last time the federation saw you it was when you were trapped in that lumber mill all tied up screaming for help, the last time the misfits saw you was in that Kab town getting chased by the dead hahaha, think you need to talk to your so called men before you become a king. *Matt shaking his head Lets go of the PTT button and drops the radio*
  14. Calling Out To The New Alliance [Open]

    *Matt surprised by the chatter in the radio picks his up and presses the PTT* "Well I'm glad we aren't the only ones here thinking the same thing...anyway, how can you become a king with only one hand?...or infect, soon to be no hands. *Matt releases the PTT and continues to load his magazines*
  15. Calling Out To The New Alliance [Open]

    *Matt unable to control himself anymore with laughter grabs the radio amused by the individual who thinks he's a hard man, he presses the PTT* "You still going son?, let it all out...Yok lot are all the same, infact you're like them russians, them russians that got too big for their boots yesterday, shame most of them are dead NOW, tread carefully, open your eyes boy." *Matt releases the PTT*