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  1. *Matt for the last time picks up his radio and presses the PTT* "Mong hah...quite ironic. Talk to him about it then if you have the balls, stop trying to chat shit on a fucking radio and do one. *Matt releases the PTT*
  2. *Matt Price once again picks up the radio and presses the PTT* "My name Alex now is it?, no my names Matt. Hahahaha one of his spastics so you say. Strong words coming from a deluded fuck...sorry who are you again?, you don't get mentioned to often mate. *Matt laughs and releases the PTT*
  3. *Matt hears the reply and picks up his radio. Confused he pushes the PTT* "I don't think you heard me right...who the fuck mentioned a firefight yesterday because I certainly didn't. Clear your fucking ears out you dumb bastard." *Matt releases the PPT putting the radio back in his pocket*
  4. *Matt hears the transmittions being exchanged on the radio. He picks up his radio and presses the PTT* "Boys boys boys, you're really sat there behind your little radio trying to give us shit?, be careful your battery might run out with the amount of shit talking you're doing...pathetic, thought you'd be better than that haha! Why not come and say this to our faces yeah?, bunch of fucking pussies. And now you try to say you captured Alex?...please boys get a grip." *Matt releases the PPT and nods his head whilst laughing*
  5. *Matt sighing picks up the radio one more time pressing the PTT* "Listen here you fucking freak, you are no king, you'll never be a king and you never were again.Now run the fuck back to your little houses, screaming with laughter were You?, I don't remember it being like that, you even told them your name was shaun because you were too scared to admit who you are, it was only thanks to the legend that cut your fucking arm off that we knew it was you. Come out of hiding pussy boy. *Matt now fed up of picking up the radio throws it on the table and walks away*
  6. *Matt hears the last transmittion from Endeavour and presses the PTT* "You see...we aren't here to shut everyone down, we are here to invite people to bring peace. Now Endeavour you're a king are You?, highly doubt that buddy, last time the federation saw you it was when you were trapped in that lumber mill all tied up screaming for help, the last time the misfits saw you was in that Kab town getting chased by the dead hahaha, think you need to talk to your so called men before you become a king. *Matt shaking his head Lets go of the PTT button and drops the radio*
  7. *Matt surprised by the chatter in the radio picks his up and presses the PTT* "Well I'm glad we aren't the only ones here thinking the same thing...anyway, how can you become a king with only one hand?...or infect, soon to be no hands. *Matt releases the PTT and continues to load his magazines*
  8. *Matt unable to control himself anymore with laughter grabs the radio amused by the individual who thinks he's a hard man, he presses the PTT* "You still going son?, let it all out...Yok lot are all the same, infact you're like them russians, them russians that got too big for their boots yesterday, shame most of them are dead NOW, tread carefully, open your eyes boy." *Matt releases the PTT*
  9. *Matt hears endeavours voice on the radio and immediately reaches for the radio and presses the PTT* "Oh look if it isn't who I think it is, endeavour hahahaha, aren't you the guy who goes around towns pleading people to join you on your journey?, oh yeah that's You!" *You can hear the laughter in the background* "So youre trying to be a big man now are you?, be a shame if someone was to take that other hand of yours wouldnt it big man. Lets see this alliance of yours then, oh other stranger on the radio, I'd watch out if I was You, you'll be getting pleaded to join his very mighty army soon enough hahaha" *Matt takes a deep breath after laughing so hard and releases the PTT*
  10. *The radio goes off on the highest volume, the coyotes howl in the background with laughter, he laughs to himself and picks up the radio from the table where everyone is sat and presses the PTT* "Looks like someone's getting a bit cocky and trying to join in, I tell you what stranger, why don't you keep your nose out of our business as we don't want to have to come looking for weirdos like you, regards...The Misfits, The coyotes, The coreleones, The Federation. Now with all due respect, fuck off. *Matt releases the PTT as everyone around the table breaks out in laughter, Matt laughs and drops the radio on the table*
  11. *Matt hears the radio call and wonders who he is talking about, he picks up his radio and presses the PTT* "What alliance are you talking about friend?, if it is us, we do not have a head, but instead we have four." *Matt giggles and releases the PTT*
  12. *Matt hears the transmittion from an unknown source and pulls out his radio, he presses the PTT* "Hello friend, how we do thinks is our problem, but we appreciate you contacting us. Now....regarding Chuk, I don't know how you know him but what he does is only his concern, we have nothing to do with it. Stay in touch friend. *Matt releases the PTT and continues to clean his FAL*
  13. *Matt Price hears the radio transmittion and smirks to himself , he knows the time has come* *Matt pulls the radio out of his pocket and presses the PTT* " Calling out to our fellow members of The Unity...this is the Misfits " "All four of our groups stand together as one, stronger than ever, lets put it this way...they will think twice." "The four colours combined, look to the sky lads, see you all soon...Misfits out." *Matt releases the PTT and walks towards his fellow brothers*
  14. Yeah we know about the meta-gaming about "The Defiants", anyone who says that name to us we say we don't know who you are. We call you by the red armbands.
  15. We already know that IC thanks to the Coyotes