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  1. T-Rev34

    My Prize - I shot the Alpha of the horde of deers - One shot through the neck

    OMG where is the deer!!!
  2. @MoodyOG, @MrPanda, and the rest of saviors! Jarhead sure is starting to like you boys!! Although most of your recipes suck hondo, the moonshine was good lol!
  3. T-Rev34

    Trading Outpost, All are welcome (Open Frequency)

    *Leonard listens carefully and then holds the PTT* " Names Leonard, but you can call me Jarhead. My friend Jack and I are interested in providing help. He might people able to provide minor medical treatment and would like to trade. I am a Marine... Or at least I was before the shit. Would love the opportunity to provide some security." *Leonard releases the PTT and awaits a response*
  4. Leonard grew up in a small town in West Virginia. During this time he was raised to work hard and respect everyone he met until he was given a reason not to. Leonard's dream was to attend West Virginia University and eventually go to law school. However, it was tradition in his family that the male serve in the US Military, specifically, the Marines. Leonard wanted to honor his father and grandfather so he enlisted straight out of high school. He was going to be the best Marine he could be because he was taught to do his best no matter what he pursued in life. Shortly after boot camp tensions were rising in Russia and Chernarus. Before he knew it he was deployed to Elektro to aid the people and the land for what was unfolding. They were not told much going in but knew it was not good. Upon arriving he was stationed at a fire station to help the local firefighters. Before long the city began to be overran by... dead people? Forced to retreat the city the last thing leonard recalls seeing is a little boy of about 8 or 9 yeards old get ripped apart by another man... He was knocked unconscious by something unknown and woke up in the outskirts of town with nothing left but his clothes. His mission, carry out the original plan and aid people in any way they need until command arrived to help.. little did he know they would never show.