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  1. Jeffrey Miller

    Jeffrey Miller, is 20 now, but had a very unfortunate childhood, but he doesn’t remember any of it. As a child he had gone through horrors no one can imagine, but Jeff still had hope for his survival and made up 4 deities that he called “the gods.” one was the God of life who made all life itself, and promised him safety; the second was the God of whether, who could make it rain on a moment's notice; the third was the god of time, who made day turn into night; and lastly there was the god of darkness, who will do anything to get souls even start a plague. Only the first three talk to him though, The god of darkness hates all living beings and only mocks him when he is in times of trouble. The all three of the good gods started to work together to helped, Jeffrey, escape, or so he thought. The God of life showed him how to escape while the god of whether made a thunderstorm and the god of time had made it night time a few hours ahead. After he escaped the gods made him forget what he saw and told him to stay away from people till he was trained to survive in the wild. Jeffrey taught himself all the skills to survive by thinking “the gods” were training him for some big mission. Just to his luck about 5 years later a plague wiped out most of humanity leaving only a few survivors left. The gods told him to find a team and spread the word that they will save them.