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  1. I'm more thankful than words can express for Rolle and this community, and glad to have had the opportunity to play mod and SA, from firefight-happy PvP focused clans through settlements to the best RP I've ever witnessed. That said, SA is a shit game, and the mod was a shit game. And we were all addicted. It's not the game, it's the community. We play DayZRP despite the shit game it uses as a vehicle. Will SA ever have a resurgence of popularity? I hope so. But until the DayZRP community is free of edgy tweens and cannibals, would it even matter?
  2. Nothing beats multiple physical backups (one live copy, two rolling backups at least - with at least one set off site) that you control. Yeah, I got religion about that shit awhile back. Sorry for your loss, bro.
  3. Not an official reply, but back when I was in staff, we'd only look at 'False Report' if we thought OP was motivated by OOC Hate or otherwise trying to get away with something. In order to have a false report, you must prove malice aforethought, which can be a pretty high bar to pass. Traditionally, staff decides whether or not to pursue a false report, but they may also choose to entertain politely made requests, particularly if there is some kind of beef between the litigants, or extenuating circumstances that staff is not otherwise aware of.
  4. It's actually pretty dull. They don't call it 'Bor' for nothing. Thank you, thank you, I'm here all week.
  5. My character is from Bor, Chernarus. I go there all the time.
  6. Thank god. Finally. Hello, ladies.
  7. But it's not a change to the rules. It's a clarification. This is how the rules were always intended to be understood, but since they weren't written perfectly, people have been abusing the flaw. Aside from DayZ, and the reporting game, finding flaws in the rules is the most popular game we play here.
  8. I for one voted for El Presidente and love it when he says "I got this". But then, I do love mischief and chaos. When party A walks into B's camp and steals a rifle, I can see how that's considered baiting. Why? Cuz A is mobile and B is not. Cuz A has nothing and can split up running in all directions, while B has to stay in one place to defend their shit. Cuz A could easily have set up overwatch beforehand and be prepared to destroy half of B before they can get two shots off. If a thief from A steals a rifle from B, and B tries to get it back (without initiating), maybe the rest of A should encourage their boy to give the rifle back. Maybe the rest of A could engage B in some sort of conflict resolution instead of escalation. Maybe A could offer to purchase or trade for B's rifle. Maybe the thief and the rightful owner could arm wrestle for it, or step outside the camp and settle the matter like gentlepersons. Maybe we could all RP instead of killing one another. Nah, that's just stupid. Never mind.
  9. Talk to Viking, man. I didn't start nothin'. I'll stop when you stop
  10. Yeah, 's what I do. Sorry to crud up your thread. But fascists suck. Just gotta get that out there. Not saying you're among them btw, just not leaving room for fools to misinterpret.
  11. Just sayin'. Trump is not normal. Carry on.
  12. Wow. Not OK. Nazis are nazis. Racists are racists. Most confederate monuments were raised in the 1950s and 60s. It's cool that you're so young and edgy, but hate is never cool.
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