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  1. *He presses down the PTT* "Fuck you Bobby, I shouldn't have even make a deal for something as simple and humane... Fucking power hungry war monger..." *He releases the PTT*
  2. That to me would not neglect my suspicions. Considering there was other people, you could possibly just try to act nice since you have the lower disadvantage at the time. Now are you the guy that robbed me? No, considering you're making a report against me. Did I know that you weren't the person that robbed me at the time? How could I know? Assumptions could've gone both ways. Did I have my suspicions about you and acted on it? Yes.
  3. I wouldn't be able to know that in-game, ICly, and OOCly. I just met someone that was just awfully similar to those who held me up two days ago, and I had my suspicions and I acted on it.
  4. Hello, sorry for my late response. Just got off work. My POV: Two days ago now I was robbed by two individuals with a full black gear similar to what @county51 was wearing. His voice was similar to those that held me up. This was my first thought when I first met him in this encounter. I then roam around brushing past him to try and confirm my suspicions by listening to his voice. I was convinced it was him and seeing that he always had his gun out and his voice was just too similar. I decided to drop initiation to where I think he wouldn't make the move to shoot back. To my surprise he did in which I shot him. If he complied. He would've been questioned about what he was doing yesterday and depending on his answer. I was planning on some torture RP. Now to address my character's action and his alignment. He's chaotic good. His methods of pursuing what is good can be viewed as something that evil characters do in the eyes of lawful good characters, but he is doing it with good intentions.
  5. Because I recently RPed with them and I know for sure that pepper and Duquesne was up in that castle when shots broke out.
  6. My POV: Was hanging around the island aware that a couple of vultures were up at the castle. I was not there when the gunfight erupted and decided to come up to the castle in which the gunshots moved down towards the Runner's camp. I laid down on the side of the hill coming up towards the castle on the south side and shot a couple rounds. I then moved to another position to where I got shot twice and retreated.
  7. *He presses down the PTT happily* "Hello people of South Zagoria, this is Andy the Arms Dealer. From this point on I will be seizing operation until further notice. I intend to resume sometime in the near future but I must take care of personal matters beforehand. Thank you for your understanding." *He releases the PTT*
  8. He presses down the PTT delightedly “Hello there! Andy the Arms Dealer here. Just wanted to say good luck on your business and I wish you the best of luck. I also want to note to you that will not not be seeing any “unethical” business competition from me. Though if one of your customers request something such as a M249 or the higher end spectrum of firearms that you do not have on hand or cannot obtain. By all means contact me.” He releases the PTT
  9. Beaten, abused, tortured...Keeli's childhood wasn't the best. Both his mother and father were what many could say degenerates. This led him to hang out with the trouble hoodlums of his age resulting in Keeli's frequent commitment to crime. Due to his ethnicity, he was treated harsher by his white counter-part peers native to Ohio. When the troubled childhood boy grew up, his severity in crime drastically increased. Arson, burglary, grand theft auto, etc. He worked for a local American mafia gang apart of a greater international system. The point of no return was when a stranger he never knew contracted him to kill his parents for a reward that Keeli did not hesitate to take. The murder was fast and clean, late at night. Keeli was a man that cared for self-gain and interest rather than kill for pleasure. During the day of the outbreak. He was in Russia finishing up a job before all flights were canceled and sooner or later. He landed himself in a warzone where it was man versus man while the undead feast on both. To Keeli... It was his calling.
  10. Server and location: S1 Prison Island Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time (UTC): 2019-10-12, 02:23 Your in game name: Andy Nguyen Names of allies involved: Runner, New Hope Federation, Odezva, The Quarantine Name of suspect/s: Logs will show/ Anarchy Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Got invited to a meeting on prison island to talk about having a alliance with all groups stated in the allied involved. A verbal fight broke out which resulted in some NHF members to chase a man in a OREL uniform back onto the mainland. This resulted in the pursuing NHF to be held up on the shore by members of Anarchy. They executed a couple NHF members and then requested a person to represent everyone on the prison island to come towards the mainland to talk about terms and conditions. I volunteered considering I was the only one there without any affiliations to the groups present on the island. I swam towards the boat to be verbally commanded to stop where I am and not step any further. I complied. In the video it will show me trying to communicate between the Anarchy member and a Runner on Prison Island. No terms or conditions were met and the Anarchy member commanded me to put my hands up. In which I complied. He told me to keep walking forward and follow the sound of his voice. In which I did. All of a sudden a volley of shots starts coming from Prison Island which ignited a gunfight. A member of Anarchy peaked around the corner and sprayed me down with my hands up.
  11. *He presses down the PTT* "I have a tent indeed..." *He releases the PTT*
  12. May the best arms dealer win
  13. *He holds down the PTT with a confused voice* ”Sorry what? I’m a business man, not a fighter. If I known that that fight was going to happen. I would’ve came by and swipe the spoils of war.... Maybe next time. Either way I’ve already applied for a business license and have yet to receive word on it after checking up in person three times.” *He let’s go of the PTT continuing on driving*
  14. *He presses down the PTT with a intriguing tone* "Hello sir! Andy the Arms Dealer here!... What would you like for that AWM you have there?" *He releases PTT with anxiousness*
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