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  1. *He puts down his radio with the PTT button stickily held down due to gun lube, whistling the "America the Beautiful", racking the charging handle of a M4A1 carbine with heavy resistance* "Hmmm... Rough..." *He sighs before continuing the whistling while punching a push pin on the rifle which ends in a click* "Let's see here..." *Whistling he flips half the rifle open exposing the trigger group full of carbon residue* "Ugh... Customers wouldn't like this..." *Still whistling, he pulls the charging handle halfway back which leads to some metal clanging pulling out the bolt carrier group covered in a thick layer of carbon* "Poor maintenance, poor performance..." *Whistling, he proceed to spray the carbon covered bolt carrier group with a can of Rem Oil before wiping down the component along with the bolt face itself with a rag before spraying a coat of lube on it. He sets those two components aside and starts spraying inside the upper receiver with the Rem Oil can, before wiping it down with another rag which resulted in black carbon residue all over the once clean rag. He then spray a coat of gun lube* "Quality..." *Back to whistling, he sprays the can of Rem Oil down on the trigger group and proceeds to wipe the face of the trigger hammer with a third rag* "...Over..." *He slots the bolt carrier group with the bolt and bolt face attached back into the upper receiver, flipping the rifle back where both receivers are now aligned making a loud clank. He pushes the push pin back in place keeping both receivers together.* "Quantity..." *He racks the charging handle feeling a much smoother cycle. He pulls the trigger each time he racks the charging handle which results in a clean crispy click. He smiles...* "Another firearm ready for those who's willing to kill with it..." *He all of a sudden frowns before setting the rifle aside the others staring at the rest of the rifles he must perform maintenance on" "Hmph..." *He continues to whistle "America the Beautiful" for a quick moment before the PTT finally release on it's own..."
  2. Agent_Fishy

    Northern Kamensk | Legion Corporation | 03:45, 2019-07-25 | Invalid Initiation

    I wasn't there, way too far away to hear and know about any initiation. Decided to look back and try to shoot at the attackers because I heard a ton of shots and decided to take cover and look back and try to snipe through the brushes and trees. Only got one shot off before they chased me.
  3. Confirmed it was friendly fire. The grenade really reached out to me. You could see a couple frames to the right side of Chase's video of me dying to the nade.
  4. I second Chase's statement. The owners who are 4 people did not welcome brooks back into their base because he threatened us earlier in the day. We had a couple people help out the owners by guarding the place for several hours. The District then surprise attack us which wiped most of us and half of their forces. Though our remaining guys were still in a gunfight for roughly an hour later. We then staged a counter attack to reclaim the base with several people who were still alive. Brooks was not suppose to be in that base in the first place and I'm confident that we have kill rights to kill those that aren't suppose to be inside the base. Granted I did not expect Chase to grenade brooks. I was the guy in the video that was trying to hold Brooks up from the ground. Whether or not kill rights extend to close friends of the owners of the base who was guarding the base, I do not know.
  5. The character I would be role playing would be a young Asian-American man who was in college to obtain a associate degree in criminal justice to become a police officer. His name is Andy Nguyen. Andy graduated with his degree and decided to have a celebration trip to Chernarus to get out and see the world especially in a underrated part of the world. This was soon to be a big mistake, Andy knew of the rising tension of what could potentially be another civil war but that's part of why he was going, to witness something different than back home for himself. Everything was going well for Andy as he travel from Chernogorsk, Elektrozavodsk, Svetlojarsk, and then Novodmitrovsk. When Andy was in Novo, he witness the Chernarussian Jets crossing over the border to Russia striking Russian territories and vice versa. Later on he have heard of conflicts in Severograd which was the next city he was to visit. At this point he realize that he must get out of the country and back to the United States. Unfortunately at that point, it was too late to get back to Balota airstrip where he first arrived on July 1st. At this point he just needed to get to safety. A nice Chernarus family in Krasnostav took him in as refuge and hunker down in their house. Some locals were leaving but still many stayed in fear of losing what they had. Talks were going around of "human-like monsters" appear further a bit up North, but Andy and the Chernarussian family were among the skeptics of such things. Then on the 11th, the "human-like monsters" the locals were talking about started attacking the Krasnostav. The infected. Out of sheer fear and panic as many of the infected barged the Chernarussian family's home with Andy inside. He locked the bedroom door with the family of the home on the other side. He could hear their screams and flesh being ripped apart bit by bit which scarred Andy who stayed in the bedroom for 3 weeks. Luckily one of the now dead family members had a provisions stash in their closet which fed him for those 3 weeks. Through those weeks, he could hear the groans and screams of the infected. He didn't know what they were but after another 4 days, everything was quiet as he emerged from the bedroom. Seeing blood all over the house and remembering what he had done on the first day of the attack locking the family out of the bedroom. All of the guilt came back to him. Full of guilt and confusion of all the events he wandered around Krasnostav scavenging what he could find. His goal right now is to know what's going on back home in America and seek any pocket of civilization in the now wasteland of Chernarus and return home to the United States. As he roam throughout the land, he decided that he'll take a fake name of "Ronin" to make sure his true identity isn't revealed of being a foreigner in the case that he encounters any people he deems bad such as the Russians or any other undesirables.
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