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  1. Warren_Kos

    Potius Cras

    I "Warren_KoS" agree that while I am playing in the Potius Cras group CP, I waive my right to report anyone for KOS or attempted KOS on me under any circumstances. All kills on my character will be valid so long as my character is in the Potius Cras CP no matter how the character death came about. So long as I am playing a Potius Cras character that is working for / with the organization, or my forum name is on the group CP on the forums, I waive my right to report any KOS or attempted KOS on my character.// Signed by Warren_Ko$
  2. Artyom was born in Moscow. When the outbreak hit Moscow many flooded into the wide expanse of the Underground Metro Systems below to avoid as much contact with Infected and the outside world which could have be just as deadly. Artyom was a blacksmith by trade. Crafting weapons and ammunition for fellow survivors in the Metro station and for the large groups that occupied the different stations. Artyom belonged to the Spartan Rangers group inside the central Moscow station it being one of the biggest stations left. Artyom soon was deployed into a small squad of Rangers exploring distant lands if search for valuable assets to bring back to the Metro. Each squad deployed was required to have a Smith accompanying them for general repair and future ammunition. Artyom woke up one day to a letter at his quarters instructing him to gather all his necessary tools needed for a long deployment in the field. His destination? Chernarus.
  3. Been playing the server for a good 2 years now and never really had any issues joining, took a break for a while and now coming back i have an issue when trying to join where during the loading screen my loader in the top right will start shaking back and forth and my steam pop up glitches out. Tried lowering graphic settings, using the DZSA launcher, loading through steam library DayZ launcher and always have the same issue. any suggestions or anyone had the same thing and Help a brother out?
  4. Warren comes through multiple people's stories and has seen some of the most brutal parts of the outbreak. He has seen and been through multiple groups and settlements but has left before he can become attached. friends are hard to find in Chernarus, and act as an even bigger weakness. Warren prefers to stay on his own and only takes tokens to remember people by whom he has felt compassion for or came close to. His bag holds many items from many different people. Some as memento trinkets other items were taken by force. Warren wanders Chernarus taking and caring only for himself. Warren has been made cold by the wastes of this country and feels very little, Sooner or later that will change to nothing.Warren searches through military camps for supplies and resources to use then retreating to thick treelines where he may find shelter. Warren prefers to sleep outside in the open. He prefers to be able to move around and being able to be ready to fight at a moment's notice. Warren excels at hand to hand close combat. His strength allows him to wield the heaviest of weapons with skill and ease. And has never lost a single close combat fight, however he lacks accuracy with firearms. Warren prefers to wear dark clothing to make him less visible. An unseen target, Is a dangerous target. And what could be more dangerous than a man with nothing left to lose.
  5. Warren_Kos

    Server 1 EU - 06/26/17 19:05 - Excessive OOC, BadRP

    Warren Smith pov: Me and my friends were meeting a field during our time in RP. I made a quick swing at one of my friends which killed him instantly. Clearly i had no intention of killing him and had decided it was a glitch death. We Roleplayed it out as he had been drugged up and passed out to the cold, as my character does play a drug addicted person, just a small detail to my character i picked up from some earlier RP on the server. We were sat in the field when multiple people ran up on us and told us to put our hands up. Straight away i knew the situation would look bad because two of us were standing over a corpse. I instantly lost it with all of them as they started yelling at us saying we had killed him. After i was tied up i asked why they were doing it. to which i received the reply "Because we like to take your shit". I instantly started bursting out into laughter as this seemed nothing short of Gear over RP and I began shit talking my captors IC. Not being told to hold my tongue at any point i continued to make remarks about the group and laugh away with my friend trying to get under there skin. Finally when one of them snapped and told me who would have have my hand if I kept on talking shit. So i shut my mouth. but then the leader of the group then said to let us have our fun. So i made a couple quiet remarks and jokes to my friend on our way to a nearby house, but not nearly as many as i did before. We eventually reached a house where the leader of the group ran off and someone else was left in charge. This guy seemed to be a lot kinder to us and more willing to RP with our characters. That i did appreciate hugely. We ran through some Roleplay scenarios and all was good. Mean while I was still crying with laughter at the whole situation. As we kept making jokes and remarks about our captors. To try hold some meaning to why I was laughing so much I blamed it on a high dosage of drugs and that being the cause for the specific attitude in the situation. After a while the guy left us and we sat in the building for more or less 10 mins in silence which was only broken by myself and the other hostage making jokes at the captors again to try bring some sort of RP to the situation. My hope was that one of the members would flip out and take me outside for a torturing session or a beating to this more or less meaningless robbery. At one point the other hostage make a remark that made me throw my headset off my head. As soon as it happened i saw one of the captors lean round the corner and look at us. At this point i felt the need to say that i had thrown my headset of my head in a fit of laughter as there has been situations where my wireless headset has died just as someone has initiated on me. So feeling that i might be worth just letting them know just in case the captor that had turned towards us hadn't said anything to us. like 'stfu or ill cut your hand off' I wrote it in OOC. Some one replied that it was unnecessary where i replied with how the entire Robbery seemed 'Unnecessary'. For the last 5-10 mins we had sat with no communication from them at all and it had become drawn out and boring so to say that my one ooc message saying i had lost sound for a second was 'unnecessary' felt slightly ironic coming from these people. More or less I kept running my mouth because i'm generally a sarcastic prick most of the time. It eventually got me shot in the shoulder. I shut my mouth after that to where the man said 'Yeah big man running his mouth in till someone does something about it' and then i muttered under my breath that it had took them long enough. Implying that I had been ridiculing these people for half an hour before i got told to shut up. And at that point he clearly snapped and popped me in the head. I was annoyed at first that he had shot me but I calmed down after I saw that i sort of had it coming after flaming these guys for half an hour. In short I think my use of OOC was completely justified and took nothing away from the to be honest very lacking Roleplay situation and my 'No value for life' to be a simple thing of me trying to get under my captors skin and just trying to irritate them. As previously stated when threatened or even assaulted by my captors i held my tongue but when I were told to be "allowed to have our fun" I took some enjoyment at making jokes at them as none of them seemed to be in the mood for getting pissy with me or just roleplaying in general.
  6. Warren_Kos

    By a blink of an eye

    Have some beans too
  7. Warren_Kos

    By a blink of an eye

    Didnt get any attention on DesolationRP, so posts it on DayZRP. Still not even DayZ artwork
  8. Warren_Kos

    S1 Invalid Kill - Kabanino 6/4/17 00:58

    Heya sorry been real busy this week and havent had a chance to come on the forums. POV I came to Kab on my way to NWAF trying to find the people who had tried to marry of my friend (earlier event, all roleplayed out nicely) I found a bunch of guys in Clown masks. One of these men was a very polite gentleman who asked me what i was doing and i said that i was looking for a man called Strawberry. He told me to follow him and so i did where i found strawberry tied up. I told these men what had happened and asked if i could call Quiet on my radio to tell her to come over. She came over, someone got shot, quiet executed Strawberry. we left the house and carried on our way. Just as we left Kab and managed to sit down my game crashed. Now normally I would jump straight back into game and carry on my 30 mins. However, Unfortunately this particular night was when the American server was not up and S1 was 60/60. When i tried to join back i found myself in position 34 of the queue. After staying in queue for around 15 mins and not moving down in queue at all I decided that at this point trying to log back in was completely pointless. My game crashed, Quiet can vouch for me there and at that point it was more or less out of my hands.
  9. Mark Greene POV: We met some guys and quickly became friends. We heard a lot of gunfire and noticed a 'gentleman' struggling with a lot of infected. He managed to kill them and sat and watched us for a brief time before running away. We ran over to see what was happening and managed to catch up with him. I took lead and got within voip range. We tried to speak to him multiple times by saying "Heya dude" "hey bud" "Hey man slow down" "Whats up mate were all chill". He refused to talk or rp with us at all. We eventually came to an open field where he we all grouped up all of us within voip range. Then to my surprise this guy without saying anything turns around and started spraying at me and the other guys. I managed to sidestep behind a hale bale managing to say in voip "What the fuck are you doing?" before he ran round and sprayed me down. I had plenty of time to raise my m4 and shoot him but I found myself frozen with disbelief and asking myself 'Is this guy actually doing this? we've tried to speak to him for the last 5 minutes and first sign of him acknowledging us is shooting me?' I found myself utterly stunned in that situation and in disbelief that anyone would find that a justified reason for turning around and killing about 3 guys who had only tried to talk to you. I have no video evidence but i do have a screenshot of us being in voip range of the person as he hightailed it down a hill refusing to speak or rp with us.
  10. Warren_Kos

    S1 NWAF - KOS 22:00 09/05/2017

    Mark Green POV: We rolled onto the airfield as a group when Vlad made a remark about Joe being gay. "Im so happy i could punch a gay right now" And proceeded to punch him. Now knowing that Joe has just been held hostage and had had homophobic slurs and remarks made about him for 20 mins straight or so earlier. It was obvious that this was not going to go down to well with Joe. Joe later felt that he it was In his rights to kill him he did so and the whole group reacted. My character has been with Joe throughout most of my characters time on the server so obviosuly if there was to be a gunfight i would defend my friend to the death. As the POV's show the man to my right fired two shots at Joe and so i killed him. Secondly this statement made claims that the second man i killed was 'unarmed' However as clearly shown in Watchman's POV video. The second man can clearly be seen to raise his rifle and after death can be seen to be sticking out of his corpse (As weapons do when a character dies). After everyone was dead I grabbed the closest gun to me which had ammo as i had ran out after i killed the second guy and bolted for the trees. At this point i assumed Watchman had done the same as I couldn't see him by the time i reached the trees i noticed the message in chat that "Joseph Colt has timed out" and decided that I would wait in the trees for him to return looking over the airfield. After 25 mins of no sign of Joe I decided to sit inside a tree and wait out my 30 mins.
  11. After this situation has been talked through this report is now closed.
  12. Then i say you made the right choice to be fair. Cant say i would have done any different if it was my men in danger
  13. I'll admit that when I saw that SVD and ghil suit i went for that gear knowing the risk i could be shot trying to nab it up, So i admit for my death being my fault. As for being shot Im sure it wasnt an easy decision for you to make weather i was looking at my guys or yours. If we can settle this on just me being in the wrong place at the wrong time and just poor timing on my part. then I'd call this justified and I would like to close this report.
  14. No no no. If you look at the screenshot of the map i posted they are just to the left of those two red dots above my blue circle.
  15. You're clearly mistaken because they people i was watching on the hill were 110% my friends because I spoke to them no less than 30 seconds prior and then met up with them after i was shot to find out where i was shot from.
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