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  1. Our base is 2 walls and 2 doors not a castle and as far as a rant I disagree I'm giving my experience as a new player that is seeing things that might keep new players from sticking around and I'm posting those thoughts in a thread that is clearly on topic I would say that insulting me and my post because you disagree is not necessary. and i dont thing assuming the type of person i am and the type of server i should play on is also not helpful with anything. what I'm talking about is the fact that as a new player on the server seeing this level of base raiding with no rp involved so much that it happens everyday to a base Might just be a turn off to new players which in turn will overtime cause the server to become stale and lower in population. I'm not saying that it is one person or group either I'm saying that it seems that people and groups on the server have a mentality of needing something so they just take it "nails" from others icrly which is fine icly I agree with that. but ooc it is frustrating as a new player trying to get started on a new server. Again my post is not saying base building or raiding is the only problem I'm saying that when a new player or group is trying to get started this could be detrimental to server growth nothing else if i thought raiding bases was against the rules i would report it.
  2. I want to give my input on this from the perspective of what happened to my group as "new players" to the server trying to get settled. I think it will help shine some light on what may be causing the population to drop. We are a group of 6 Our main issues started after the exodus from namalsk. since then we have been able to do almost nothing but loot for building materials because we have had our base raided literally 7 times and in the last 5 days it has been every night with no clues left or rp involved and this last time they took literally everything. We all work for a living and cant spend all day on the server defending our base and after work I don't want to have to spend hours rebuilding before I can explore and roleplay Now I am not saying that base raiding should not be allowed but I am saying that the constant raiding with no rp like that on the server is a very very good way to get new groups and people to stop playing on the server which in turn stops them from filling the spots of the old long time players that have just burnt out of dayz. I have met nothing but nice people on the server and personally have not had confrontation with anyone because my character is a really nice giving and optimistic person. The confusing part for me as a new player and my group is that you would make explosives so easy to get and so effective at breaking walls and doors one explosive is insane. it takes no planning or thought at all to get into a base just go to nwaf and boom you got a rpg and at least one round for it. My point is that my group has three choices rebuild everyday and waste hours and hours of time not rping or abandon our "home" and walk around with no "home" and just be nomads or we have to just leave the server and find a new one with a better environment for new people and groups. Also we have been playing on the server literally everyday my group has still been the last few days I personally have all but given up. I want to be on the server and I want to rp and interact with other people on the server. I don't want to get on and spend all day rebuilding a base everyday.
  3. Brian Comes from a very small town in Oklahoma where he owns a small mechanic shop. His passion is working on cars. He is happily married to Jenny Sailor. Brian has always went out of his way to help others around him going as far as fixing people from his town's cars for free or for trade if they didn't have the money and needed the car. He is quite and careful to listen before forming opinions which helps him get along with most people. Brian and his wife Jen were on a backpacking trip from Estonia to İstanbul. On our way south we came into Livonia and bounced around various survivor groups which ended up leading them from Livonia into Chernarus.
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