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  1. Calvin hates the ocean. Ever since he was a little boy he always had a fear of water, this fear of drowning, so close yet so far to the surface. He never understood why humanity had ever tried to conquer it in the first place. When glancing out on this blue body of water, he cannot but imagine, the hundreds of thousands, countless lives which the sea has taken, his father included. Yet, some part of Calvin feels drawn to it, like he too belongs there, under the waves, far from humanity, far from the others. Calvin had always wanted to become a photographer, he remembered when his father gave him his first proper camera, he was 13, and took pictures of everything he saw. He began his future career by taking pictures for the school newspaper in highschool in Edinburgh. As he got older, Calvin loved the more creative subjects, art, drama and technology, generally avoiding the more active subjects such as sports. He left school at 17 and worked his way up in journalism, well respected for his creative eye and quick questions, working for The Guardian. One day he was offered a unique experience documenting some activity in the East for the Government. Calvin was told that the job would include accomodation, steady pay and that he would have to stay there for at least 3 years but he was guaranteed a promotion once he returned working as a journalist. Calvin decided to take the job if his father and sister could come along. Within a month they were preparing to leave. Those next years Calvin would document some of the most horrific things a man could ever see, his world came apart and he became seperated from society... He remembered looking down, his father, thrashing inches from the surface, his hands reaching out of the water trying depserately to loosen the iron grip which Calvin held around his throat. Looking down into his fathers bloodshot eyes, the sound of the waves crashing against the shrinking shoreline, the sun beating down, the birds singing up above in the trees, he takes it all in, as his victim begins to weaken. Calvin closes his eyes and took a deep breath, smelling the salt off the sea. "Cal!" a voice cries from somewhere far behind, out of sight, out of mind. A small hand, bloody hand tugs on Calvins shoulder, causing him to wake from his trance. Its nearly dusk. Looking around, he see's the last light of the dying sun, vanish over the Chernarussian mountains. His arms begin to ache, looking to down he realises he is still throttling his long gone father, whose face while slightly distorted by the water, looks purple. Water laps around his waist, the tide has gone in. He releases the body and gets up. Turning around he see's his sister, Louise, sitting by a fire, washing dirt off her hands, near a freshly opened grave. "We did what we had to, didn't we Cal?" she asks as he sits down beside her, still confused at where the day had gone. "Yeah we did what we needed to do Lou." he replied. Calvin didn't feel bad about what happened, he felt good. His father had been there all his life, up until this point, the three of them had been doing fine, a few run ins with the others but all safe and all sound. Calvin knew that his father, who may of seemed happy to anyone else, was truly torn inside. Worried sick over their next meal or afraid that Lou, who is nine, might run a little too far. It was sad to see him like this, so he decided to ease his fathers pain. He remembered how hard and frustrating it was to convince little Louise, three days it took. Sitting by the fire, Cal seemed puzzled, looking through his bag, he found his derringer, the little pistol his father gave him to "use in emergencies" he always said. Sitting there now, he wondered why he didn't just use the pistol on his father, why did it come down to his bare hands? Looking up at Louise, it all fell into place. He remembered why he kept the gun nearby and remembered what he needed it for, he remember why he told her to dig the hole. His hardest job yet. He gazed at Louise for the final time and knew that is was for the best, he knew he wouldn't handle it if she got lost, or hurt, or taken. Getting up on his feet, Calvin raised the pistol to the back of her head, he closed his eyes and began to countdown... 3... 2... 1... One shot echoed out into the distance before the forest fell silent oncemore. One freshly opened grave, was filled in that night.
  2. I have played less and less of DayZRP recently and this whole situation was clumsy on my part. The reason for using an invalid name was because I had been playing public just before, I simply forgot to change it over. The reason for logging off so soon after was because of a server reset. This clip shows the situation, you cannot hear my microphone because it had been disconnected, the light of the microphone disturbs me when I sleep. I could of shot Mike Nordsmen as he entered the room making it KOS but as you can see I attempted to talk, but couldn't do the initiation because of disabled microphone. As I got closer he raised so I shot, I'm not sure how I got him from that angle, perhaps he was low on blood or had high bone damage etc. All in all I accept my mistakes and have got in contact and apologized to Mike, I have offered to give him back the gear I got from looting if he desires it.
  3. Ok sorry I didn't realise I had taken it down, I didn't realise it was selected, I will keep it up until this case is closed.
  4. I find this hard to believe, beforehand everyone had the right clothing, weaponry and ammunition sorted, every man had a job, every man knew their teammates as we were sorted into teams. I do believe we had at least one defense team covering us from the shores of both parts of the island, not one of them shouted out a random survivor casually swimming over. I will continue to search for more footage but I don't believe I am much use, from memory I remember the mosin guy and "bridge guy" both walking over together as my teammates alerted us that there were "two of them crossing (the bridge)". The bridge guy held back to look inside the shack and that's when the mosin guy opened fire on two of our men. Not much of the conversation can be heard over the distance and radio chatter. However my video can disprove the invalid KoS and ghosting.
  5. Two people are an easy kill at close range? One with a FAL and one with an AKM? Ok.
  6. Calvin Heid POV: Beginning of the fight. We had all separated into our groups, taking on various roles in the assault. Being part of the assault team we observed someone crossing the water and hit the mainland. shortly afterwards we realized that it was not one but two people so let them pass to Komarovo. Once defence team had landed, assault team (our team began the swim over). Once we hit the shore we were making fires when Josh crashed, little did we know that he would be out for the majority of the fight, someone else took lead as we cleared the west Island and took positions facing the jail, spotting two people moving in and out of the prison, one approached our jail and Josh ordered us to initiate, seconds later a mosin shot is heard and returning fire, the second pirate falls back to the prison and is hit bad by Nick. They clearly initiated. I have uncut footage to prove this and the footage shows that Josh crashed, the pirate had no value for his life, the fleeing pirate got hit after the fight began and the beginning of the assault, I do not believe The Remnants were in the wrong. @Kryold @JoshuaKav @Eagle Link (needs a while to get 1080p):
  7. Kelgon

    S1: Suspected Underage in Tisy Militarybase around 19:20 18/4/2017

    Apologies for the delay, I roleplay as the character Calvin. When me and Josh approached the Tisy tents we heard voices and decided to investigate, at the time I was unaware I had mic problems so whilst the discussion took place I was busy fixing them. When I got back in I only managed to get in a few words before I was told my internet was going to get reset, realistically I should have explained that to the others in the encounter but when Josh began to walk off I headed in the other direction, this is when I exited and immediately came back on once it was back up, by then I had no idea where they'd gone so I met up with other Remnants near Tisy. I know I should of said something or explained my situation but I'm still getting used to the ropes. I had just turned 16 before whitelisting (birthday is 07th April, I do believe I whitelisted on the 12th?) anyhow, I know it may be frustrating but I can't control when my voice is going to fully break as I can hear that I sound young, I have just sent in some ID over the e-mail. Sorry for the late reply, and any confusion. I hope this can be resolved asap.