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  1. Lewis Rafferty is a former IRA member now roaming the lands of South Zagoria. He came to South Zagoria with a load of other outcast IRA members who were seeking escape from the group. He helped the O'Flannagans run a pub in the northern side of the country as he was a very trusted affiliate of Brian O'Flannagan. After civil war broke out he helped Brian O'Flannagan run an arms dealing business in which Brian got set up and caught and sent to prison. In 2017, Brian broke out of prison when martial law broke out and rejoined Lewis and the boys back at the pub. Now the day to day routine is roaming around finding survivors and supplies.
  2. Jxkey

    DayZRP Community Lore - Post-Wipe

    Looks good to me! Will have a proper read later Nice one
  3. @Cid I walked in and saw a fair amount of people. Somewhere in the region of 10 players maybe. I was in a radio frequency with the hobo's and my own allies, all of which were in the factory at the time. I was RP'ing that I was working for the hobo's and I was told all workers were to wear a white armband so I proceeded to do so. There was a fair amount of people not wearing the armband and septimus happened to be the first person I approached asking 'who the fuck are you?' as none of us knew who they actually were and they were standing right by the Hobo's tents, as you can clearly see in the video, so I got a bit defensive hence the aggressive nature of the question I asked.
  4. Although some of the points you made make sense to me. As the quote states above, you said "he wasn't going to declare he was affiliated with the James Brothers. So Ford was the go-to name." However, you were not on the character that actually is a James brother. You were playing on Emiliano Altier (see picture below) so your last point is false. Sorry if this looks like a back and forth I just wanted to make sure staff are aware of this.
  5. Id also like to add the fact that the guy told me his name was Thomas Ford, and my IC name is Tomo Ward. He obviously pulse checked me and used that information to give me a false name that is very similar and rhymes with mine. @Septimus Also Mr @Species, you didnt say "do you want to try me". As you can clearly see in my video you said "oh is that what you're going to do", not at one point did i say thats what i was going to do, i asked you a question.
  6. Report #55 S1 EU - 07/16/17 20:30ish - Invalid Kill (role played) Server: S1 EU Date: 07/16/17 Time: 20:30ish Rule breaks: Invalid Kill (role played) Your in game name: Tomo Ward Allies: Guest Enemies: Guest Have you attempted to speak with the involved parties on TeamSpeak about the report?: Yes Evidence: http://plays.tv/video/596bce0708471c8683/initiation- Description: I rolled up to the 'Hobo Depot' and decided to go round asking peoples names to find out a bit about people. This one geezer wasnt having any of it and he said his name was Tom, which is my IC name so i said 'theres only one tom in these lands' bla bla bla. Things then escelate to some hostile RP and things were thrown back and forth between me and them. I then walk outside with them telling them they better leave etc as you can see in the video to which i get called an IRA car bomber etc... I then say, "do you want me to blow your fucking brains out" to which i am met with a 12 gauge to the chest. I did not raise a weapon or initiate on them at all, and i was randomly killed. I enjoy hostile RP situations and yes you could say i was going round looking for it, but i wasnt going round looking for someone to kill me point blank for a bit of bad mouthing...
  7. Jxkey

    #43 - S1 EU - 07/10/17 15:29 - Invalid Kill (role played), Meta gaming, Baiting

    I don't want to just repeat what people have said but I had NO CONTACT with bazz and jack, but I had arranged to meet bazz in kab through a facebook or steam message about 45 minutes prior. Can I just reiterate the point... I JOINED THEIR COMMS ONCE THEY WERE IN KAB BECAUSE IT GAVE ME AN IC REASON TO!!! Jack states 'he was called to kab' by which I'm assuming bazz asked him to come to kab but I don't know for sure as I hadn't joined the comms by then... I have a slight feeling someone is just a bit too attached to their gear and is trying to persue a report which will have no outcome other than punishment for me using OOC too excessively. Not once did I 'promise' him nothing would happen OOC. In OOC you can see me say 'it's just me and matt' which it was! Once we had all met (me, matt, kaine and bilbo) I said IC about my brother being somewhere around these parts and I asked Bilbo if he knew or had seen him and literally the moment I said that, Bazz bumped into us! Even Mr Bilbo must recall that because I went mental Ic, I was saying 'I can't believe I was just talking about my brother and now he's shown up'... I'm sure you have a recording of that Bilbo if you're using playstv??? Stop uploading snippets of footage and upload the whole scenario! What're you hiding? @Jade you know yourself that they're using playstv and when using that program it records everything? Why are they only uploading snippets that make us out to be in the wrong???
  8. Jxkey

    #43 - S1 EU - 07/10/17 15:29 - Invalid Kill (role played), Meta gaming, Baiting

    @Jade I wasnt on radio with Bazz or Jack until we got into Kab which is where i was meeting Bazz and Matt. You can go to the extent of checking the teamspeak connection log if you would like, and compare it to the time of death for Mr Bilbo and Mr Kaine.
  9. Jxkey

    #43 - S1 EU - 07/10/17 15:29 - Invalid Kill (role played), Meta gaming, Baiting

    @dankusmemeus I really do not understand your logic? I not once 'promised' nothing would happen OOC. I said IC that it was just a mate and that everything would be fine. I also met your demands of meeting in an open field environment first, which we did and from there, there was no more OOC communication and you decided to trust us and come with us. Lying to you IC and saying nothing will happen, luring you somewhere and initiating on you isn't rule breaking! I also fail to understand your true intentions upon initiation. Youve now given multiple explainations. 1) In the video you can hear yourself saying 'yeah I was putting my hands up too' 2) Earlier in the report you said it was human error and you instinctively raised your weapon. 3) In the latter post, you've said how you did raise it at Jack and then went to lower it once you realized we were a dynamic. As for the powergaming accusation, what happened is none of the sort. I did not force you to do anything... *IN CHARACTER* I told you that I had a friend and that we could meet him in an open place as you requested, which we did... I also told you I had two brothers but I didn't know where they were. Which I didn't. As soon as bazz (my IC brother) rolled up to kab that gave me an IC reason to jump into their comms, did it not? As for the whole reason for initaiton and GearRP, that's not even a thing Mr Bilbo. If I meet you and want to rob you then I can... I have to ensure I have at least RP'd with you for a decent length of time. (Basically I can't just run up to you, initiate and take your stuff and run off. I have to provide good RP else it would be deemed bad RP and I would face punishment) I completely understand that my levels of OOC chat are completely unacceptable and I accept any punishment for that going forward. But let's not use that to mask the blatant flame-baiting and pure lies that Bilbo has been posting. Multiple times he's referred to us as 'Bazz's group' etc and said about how it takes multiple of us to take him on, and that 'Bazz and his crew think they're good when they aren't'. This is just completely irrelevant information and is immature behavior, almost like he's trying to provoke a reaction from us by calling us bad? If Mr Bilbo is adamant on pushing this report for me promising something which I did not and Invalid kills etc, I'd like to push for a False Report please, as he has clearly lied 2-3 times about his weapon being raised in order to make our reason for killing him look invalid. As for Mr Kaine, if someone tells you to put your hands up, looking round at all your attackers with pistol in hand is going to get you killed by anyone on this server... the fact they didn't comply is completely NVFL as they knew full well how many people there were by the time of initiation as we'd told them IC that we were brothers/friends... They were completely outnumbered.
  10. Jxkey

    #43 - S1 EU - 07/10/17 15:29 - Invalid Kill (role played), Meta gaming, Baiting

    So in his video hes looking around doing nothing. He also says in his video 'i was putting my hands up' which he wasnt. And now youve said he was putting his weapon away?
  11. Jxkey

    #43 - S1 EU - 07/10/17 15:29 - Invalid Kill (role played), Meta gaming, Baiting

    Tomo Ward POV: I bumped into Bilbo on the NWAF and i havent spoken to him in ages since we used to play together and i was playing with someone that also knew him. I said OOC as you can see in logs that it was just me and Matt which it was. We headed into Kab to meet matt and i bumped into people i also knew but WASNT in a radio frequency with! (@Bazz @TheProxJack) We spoke for around 20 minutes by the well in kab when Bazz and Jack rolled up (i didnt tell them to come, as i said i wasnt in contact with them). I do although have a strong relationship with both Bazz and Jack IC so when they rolled up i naturally switched to their comms just in case anything went down. Jack then dropped initiation and Bilbo instantly raised his weapon so i popped him. Thats all i was involved with EDIT: you cannot see bilbo in that video but he instantly raised his weapon. EDIT 2: Im also happy to speak about this is teamspeak, as yes it looks very dodgy that i spoke // OOC but IC i said about having a friend and they agreed to come and meet him. I ALSO said that i have 2 brothers but i didnt know where they were WHICH I DIDNT
  12. I'd like to close the report, i didn't realise how new to the community he was. Maybe he could be pointed to the Mentor Programme.
  13. Server and location: Server 1 Vybor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2pm Your in game name: Corey Anderson Names of allies involved: Damian Grim Name of suspect/s: Gustav ?? Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): http://plays.tv/video/5942e63a67ac34a76e/bad-rp Detailed description of the events: I met Gustav earlier in the day and rolled with him for a while. In the beginning i just thought he was new and cut him some slack, like when he was talking about things being bugged in game IC. I let it slide. I met up with @Bazz and we were going to put him through his paces and see what RP we could create. Gustav and I met @Bazz at a barn near vybor. I encountered a lag bubble just outside the barn and played it off as flashbacks of bad events at the same barn. Whilst i was lagging @Bazz heard Gustav call me by my first name, which i do not tell anyone IC/In game. So we decided to interrogate him to find out how he knew my name. He then went on to say that he pulse checked me, checked my 'dog tags' etc. The video says it all...
  14. Jxkey

    PAU Announcement [Open]

    *Jacob holds down the Push to Talk and begins to speak* *Trying to hold back the laughter* "Oh Alex, are these the fuckwits you told me about last night round the fire? They must be fucking stupid to try and talk shit over the radio without being able to back it up. You boys need to realise that were not a force to be fucked with." *Jacob releases the PTT*