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  1. Lewis Rafferty

    Lewis Rafferty is a former IRA member now roaming the lands of South Zagoria. He came to South Zagoria with a load of other outcast IRA members who were seeking escape from the group. He helped the O'Flannagans run a pub in the northern side of the country as he was a very trusted affiliate of Brian O'Flannagan. After civil war broke out he helped Brian O'Flannagan run an arms dealing business in which Brian got set up and caught and sent to prison. In 2017, Brian broke out of prison when martial law broke out and rejoined Lewis and the boys back at the pub. Now the day to day routine is roaming around finding survivors and supplies.
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    <17:33:58> "Jxkey" pokes you: help pls
    <17:34:15> "Jxkey" pokes you: dw didnt realise the m was mvp xD

    I come back to my pc and seeing this legit made my day lmao. You deserve a follow, thanks for giving me a good laugh and I hope you were able to get the help you needed. PM me if you ever have a question!

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      There was literally no one at help desk and I needed help and just assumed 'M' was like Moderator or something? Cheers my dude, back at ya 

  2. Looks good to me! Will have a proper read later Nice one
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    Way too comfyyyyyyy

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    10/10 Rudebwoi
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      Who are they again ?

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    Its way too fucking hot in England jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez

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      It's like 29 I'm fucking melting rn

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      I'm currently in my liquid state my dude

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    When you bump into someone new in game...


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    Thanks for the follow my guy

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      thats okay my guy

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    When your group leader trys telling you what to do...


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      I'm fucking crying 

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    These fuckers can climb now???