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  1. Hello everyone!

    Thank you very much, Samaritan!
  2. Hello everyone!

    Oh that'll be a much more delightful bullet to me! I will also be sure to post in another thread soon, perhaps make new friends. I am impressed with how busy this site is! I wasn't expecting to get a reply so quickly! I must say, I am enjoying this already.
  3. Hello everyone!

    Greetings to the community of DayzRP! My name is Josh, but go ahead and call me Rederaz or simply Red if you so please. I am very excited to be a new member of this community and have already wandered about through the site, like a kid in a candy shop for the first time! I say "first time" because this will be the first time I have joined a community such as this. And I will be honest, it's a lot to take in! With the vast amounts of people here and what you guys have got set up here, it's astounding! This isn't my first time with rp, however. I've dabbled in a bit of rp in Garry's Mod's "DarkRP" a decent amount and have attempted the rp of non-whitelisted servers already on DayZ, but alas, they both have no whitelist, and without rules such as the one's you've got here, there's hardly any structure to it! I've also played games such as Fallout: NV & 4, Skyrim, Oblivion, This War of Mine, Dishonored, The Walking Dead, and a few more. All of which, are games I consider too have wonderful story elements; A sort of "create your own story" whole conception, which is how I've always been able to create my fondest memories in a game. I'm looking for the same thing in DayZ. For a while now, I've played DayZ for it's player interaction, yet at the same time, avoiding it. Even in the modded days of Arma II did I experience this contradictory dilemma. Player interaction is what makes DayZ so good. Yet it seems as though it's the thing to avoid these days. At times, it can be the best part I find in DayZ when I get the chance to peacefully talk to a player, then minutes later to try and speak with another to find a bullet in the head. What I look for, is to erase the KoS and hacking players and enjoy some real, natural rp interaction! And I'm sure I can find some of that action among all of you nice people!