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  1. It was a rule break in the past because people were going around intentionally doing things to grief a particular group. Report it and let the admins deal with it.
  2. Josh

    ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    You mean Tanya is back? It will be nice to have controllable community events again. Hoping for the best with this, good luck!
  3. -snip- to unclutter thread.
  4. When the lif page turned into the dayzrp meme thread, get of your high horse its just a gaming community. I dont have anything against you whip, but this sounds so lame and so cringe i had to point it out. Lif team take your time, make good shit and we will enjoy it. Peace.
  5. I thought it was decided that there would be no lore reset until beta is released.
  6. Josh

    Ban the use of silenced scorpion until a patch fixes it.

    May i remind everyone that the improvised suppressor was broken by a hot fix and stayed broken for months, maybe it still is ha. But during that time it was deemed to be fine by staff as there was no way of policing it. So Naturally everyone was running around with stupid grey bottles on their guns... rp. The majority of players in dayz pubs wont care and wont notice, hence there really is no need or rush for Bohemia to fix it, but here's to hoping right.
  7. Josh

    Forcing New Players to Read Rules before they apply

    It is on the individual to know the rules, we have had numerous old players come back and good Samaritan people, (Shooting a person robbing another person even though you are not part of the situation). This used to be its own rule, when they came back and did it unknowingly they were banned.
  8. In the past the hypothermia in the game was broken so you really needed to keep your hostage warm because if they got to hypothermia they would likely die. Rules and rule specifics are changed and adapted to the given patch (Land mines, Officers tent glitch, ect) as they have been different every time and have had glitches throughout. If its still really easy to die from hypothermia then i would think so, post in ask the admins thread to get the current answer.
  9. I thought we came to a conclusion a year ago that reasonable chance of survival meant leaving them in a town or even pointing them in the direction of one. You dont need to leave them water or food, leave them in a town, thats it. Of course if you beat the shit out of them then maybe you send them off with some stuff. Id like to add that if this has changed then post where its written in the rules, it has always been case bt case. People bitching that they didn't get food and water when they were left in cherno, stuff like that was thrown out because uhh duhh your in cherno if you cant survive there play minecraft. On the other hand a situation where you've taken someone hostage and slapped them in the face with a stick for the past 30 mins. Then yeah you should probably give them some water and food, if you broke bones then fix them. ps. sorry thumper this isn't directed at you this is to everybody really.
  10. Like honestly i leftish the community for medical reasons 10 months ago and we are still on the same patch, thats pretty ridiculous. They dont have an excuse now, and im sure those beta laws are starting to get expensive. On a lighter note we need a new patch so i can come back and do bug reports ive been bored :D.
  11. Josh


    This isn't a democracy, and never will be. Be well all.
  12. Lol. Once again thanks for all the support, it is appreciated. Sorry im late to respond, be well friends.
  13. Once again thank you everyone, there is a lot to the story some know more than others ya know but thank you. My hope is to be more present in the community after everything is done. Yall are real ones thanks.
  14. Im going strait to subway dude you dont even know how ecited i am And thank you everyone. warms me heart. :3
  15. First off this is NOT a leaving thread, i think leaving threads are pretty lame tbh. This is more of just an update on something i haven't really told anyone about Right sooo the past 6 months or a little bit less i haven't really been around as much as i would like. This is because of ongoing surgeries ive been having on my jaw. Basically i was in a car crash about two years ago the impact didn't break my teeth, but the broad impact to my face broke a lot of the roots in my mouth. So that leads me to now where i currently have no teeth because i am in the final home stretch and will be getting the implants soon. Which is soo exciting!!! i haven't eaten solid food in 6 months :< This is probably poorly written because its 8 am and i cant find my glasses and can barely seem my keyboard. But idk, to anyone that cares thats whats going on with me. I will be around like i said this isnt a leaving thread or anything. Peace out and read my interview.