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  1. Alexis Steinbacher

    Alexis grew up in a small farm town in Germany. He grew up with his family and eventually went to university to study biology. Alexis was very anti-social and one drunken night, he decided to call a prostitute over so he could lose his virginity. The night was one huge blur for Alexis, as he woke up with the woman gone. Alexis's confidence spiked after this and he eventually got his degree. He worked as a research biologist for a majority of his life until the woman from the blurry night came found Alexis and said that he was a father. Alexis was introduced to Annmarie and was in love with his daughter. Even though he missed a small portion of her childhood, he enjoyed every moment he got with Annmarie on the weekends. Eventually, Alexis and Agnes (Annmarie's mother) couldn't afford to raise their child. They quickly went bankrupt and Agnes lost her job as a waitress. Alexis was desperate, and for Annmarie's sake, he would take a trip to Chernarus offered by the university in which he conducted research. The job involved heading over to former Soviet bases and conducting numerous experiments. The job paid handsomely and would be a good first step to get Alexis' family out of debt. He arrived in Chernarus on July, 5th and immediately began work the next day. Alexis was forced to experiment on humans who had been suffering flu like symptoms. Eventually, the small base in which Alexis was researching in, got overwhelmed through the inside. A patient must have lost her mind and rabidly attacked patients and doctors alike. Alexis fled the base with other doctors, soldiers, and patients, down the eastern coast of Chernarus to Elektrozavodsk. On the 17th, Alexis and other doctors were picked up from Elektrozavodsk and taking to a newly established research center in Miroslavl. Life carried on in the Nato held research center until word spread of a huge fire in Chernogorsk on the 19th. Alexis was frightened by what this virus has become and what it is doing to people. He wanted to head back home to his family, but it was too late as a no-fly zone was established over South Zagoria. Alexis abandoned the Miroslavl research facility with the aid of other doctors and soldiers. The small group eventually died to the infected, succumbed to the virus, or went on their own way as they traveled up north, leaving Alexis on his own.
  2. Greetings!

    Hello DayZRP Community, My name is Calvin or you can call me by my username CalGray. I have enjoyed gaming ever since I got my first computer. I have enjoyed games in which story telling and role playing is a vital aspect. Some of these games I have enjoyed over the years are the Fallout series, the Skyrim series, and The Walking Dead Game. I love the game of DayZ (with all its glitches aside) for the same reasons and more, due to its multiplayer interaction. I have always wanted to join an environment where people want to create their own stories too, and hope to create lasting memories and friends along the way. I hope that DayZRP will enhance the reasons why I love DayZ and make me appreciate the gaming community even more than I already do. Have a good day, Calvin "CalGray"