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  1. Darius was raised in the small town of Phoenicia, New York. He lived an average life of living in a small town. His father owned a local department store and his mother taught him from home. Darius would spend a majority of his free time reading history and science textbooks rather than socializing with friends. Once he was old enough, he got a job at his father's department store which allowed him to learn the ethics of hard work. Once Darius graduated, he got accepted into Columbia University's Science program. Darius had intentions of becoming a biochemist, but soon realized the challenges that came with it. Darius was quickly overwhelmed by the amount of work and his lack of social skills from being homeschooled so he dropped out freshmen year. He moved back to his hometown where he pleaded to be let back in but his parents were ashamed and kicked him out. Having nowhere to go, Darius took a bus up to Rochester where his uncle lived. His Uncle took him in secret as if his parents found out they would have hated him for it. Darius told his uncle that he wanted to learn how to make friends, as socializing was one of his greatest fears. His Uncle then decided to send him out into the city along and if he didn't come back with a story about a new friend, he would have to sleep outside. Darius failed to make a friend for three days and on the fourth day, he tried to come up with a lie. His Uncle caught him in the lie and Darius slept outside on the fourth day. Darius was outraged but determined to sleep in a warm bed, so he went to the 18+ bar and met some friends enrolled at the local college. Darius told his Uncle about them, and he got the bed that he deserved. Darius eventually went out partying with some of these new friends and made new friends from it. He got a girlfriend and was thinking about enrolling at the university. Darius went back home to tell his parents that he was going to college again and said he would live with his uncle there. His parents were proud and respected his decision. Darius went in as a freshmen and undecided. Darius found a love for the art of negotiation and decided to go into the business field. Darius succeeded in his academics and his social life. Darius got an internship from the local computer software corporation and learned many of his negotiation skills from the corporation. After his internship, he worked as a sales manager for the software company and life was looking up. Darius hit a small rough patch in his life when his girlfriend of seven years denied his proposal. He went to the bar and when he came back at three in the morning, she packed all of her stuff and left for her hometown. Darius was devastated and lost the will to work. Darius went a couple of years away from the dating scene to recuperate the loss that he suffered. His work ethic was revitalized and he received promotions that got him up the chain of command. Darius was making some decent money and decided to buy a small house for himself. He met a retailer named Winona and fell in love with her at sight. Darius took her on a couple of dates and the two clicked. After a couple of years, Winona moved into the house with Darius and Darius decided to pop the question. The two became engaged. Darius's life was looking up. He was married, had a house, but the software company was losing its ground. The company lost a lawsuit and was almost bankrupt. Darius knew he had to get out of there and tried to find a new job. He eventually landed at Phoenix Coal and Copper Company which was heavily invested in the mining industry. Darius was hired and overtime, he rose up the chain of command. While all good was on the job, he talked with Winona about having a kid. They tried numerous times and found out that Winona was infertile. Darius was shocked and Winona fell into a small depression. Over time, Darius gained a reputation at the job. This started a split between Winona and Darius has he focused more on his job rather his suffering wife. In 2015, Darius became the CEO of the company, after a scandal (created by Darius that pinned the earlier CEO of having sex with an employee) brought the other CEO down. Darius enjoyed the rewards brought from his newfound position. With his new job, Darius got a much bigger house, but his wife still was down. Darius spent little time at the house and with Winona as the CEO. At the job, Darius met a saleswoman named Jane McCarty who he offered a higher position for sexual acts. Darius's affair with Jane was kept a big secret and Darius had a close ring of people to keep it a secret. In February 2017, Darius went on a business trip to Chernarus for six months. He said his goodbyes to his wife and Jane was eligible to go on the trip. Darius did research on the civil war, the Chedaki, and the powerful mining industry there. Darius's goal was to negotiate an investment, after a previously failed one in January. Darius saw the country as powerless and their people just as so, due to their inability to have any impact on world affairs since 2009. Darius landed near Grishino and traveled to Novodmitrovsk for the negotiations. The negotiation was going as expected, with Darius gaining a numerous amount of the industry for his own company. Darius wanted to speed the negotiations after martial law was declared in early May, as he saw the countries people were becoming nearly barbaric. As word spread that soldiers were being attacked by soldiers in Severograd, Darius wanted to evacuate. Everyone advised against it, as the martial law and bombing of the countryside near Severograd could danger them. The best optionwas to stay in Novo, and Darius was forced to agree. Find Darius's story once the outbreak broke out in game.
  2. Hello DayZRP Community, My name is Calvin or you can call me by my username CalGray. I have enjoyed gaming ever since I got my first computer. I have enjoyed games in which story telling and role playing is a vital aspect. Some of these games I have enjoyed over the years are the Fallout series, the Skyrim series, and The Walking Dead Game. I love the game of DayZ (with all its glitches aside) for the same reasons and more, due to its multiplayer interaction. I have always wanted to join an environment where people want to create their own stories too, and hope to create lasting memories and friends along the way. I hope that DayZRP will enhance the reasons why I love DayZ and make me appreciate the gaming community even more than I already do. Have a good day, Calvin "CalGray"