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  1. Before the outbreak Joe was a bit of a wander, His parents divorced when he was young. Dad was a truck driver, Mother was a single mother who raised two boys ... Once He'd reached puberty and began to lash out. Fights, Causing general mayhem .. After a few years and I fight he found himself living in Las Vegas with His Father and Schizophrenic Step-Mother. She did the most cruel things to this young man Mentally. Making a 16year old boy sit in the corner, stripping his room of all things except the sheets on the bed and a pillow. He did not break, he knew that he wanted to be, but he never gave in. Till one day when his stepmother could not handle that he was resistant he began spending summers on the road with his Father Seeing the United States. Hanging out In dangerous Truck stops these were places his father warned him. So Joe became the world's foremost predator and criminals. After High-school Joe bought a car and wandered the roads living off of next to nothing bouncing town to town, working odd jobs till he had to move along. When he hit the age of 23 he headed back to Michigan he met a beautiful Woman and set up roots they had a wondrous 5 years together but they were both young at the time she was given an opportunity to travel and she headed to Chernarus. She began to live aboard Joe had stayed in the states, But without the Roads Came Calling him back. for a few more years he worked odd jobs until he was given chance to travel to new country He head to Chernarus In March of 2017. As the world went back to his primal ways Joe watched the Good people did bad things and Bad people can of the good things .. But this is a world he already knows the world where nothing is black and white its truly survival .... The thing to Drives him from one day to the next is that he knows it is not a chance snowballs in hell shes alive but its the hope that he would find HER again that drives his journey.
  2. Prostheticmunky

    2016 Media of the Year nominations

  3. Nominee: Roach Reason: As far as I know the only person to be featured twice on the official DayZ Development spotlight, Roach has been dedicated to create quality role playing media. Evidence: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Quinn-Bauer-s-Story-SEASON-1 http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Eddy-Beck-s-Story-SEASON-2 http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Tony-Moretti-s-Story-SEASON-3 i copy pasted the god rolle but roach kills it
  4. Prostheticmunky

    2015 DayZRP Community Awards

    Roach Roleplayer of the year
  5. Prostheticmunky

    Eddy Beck's Story (SEASON 2)

    Give Roach VIP. Dude busts his ass deserves the purple hall pass.
  6. Prostheticmunky

    Eddy Beck's Story (SEASON 2)

    Good times
  7. Prostheticmunky

    Hero VS Bandit

    I play whatever will let me survive longer. in a world where the dead are walking survival is the only thing I care about.
  8. Prostheticmunky

    Moving to America

    Best Sweet Tea and Pulled Pork sandwiches in that State.
  9. Weed,Pills and Booze used to be my lifestyle. Met some good sXe guys and now I am addicted to pushing my body beyond its limits. But still addicted to this visual heroine known as gaming.
  10. Prostheticmunky

    ArmA3 Chernarus Wasteland

    No thanks, GTA around the corner
  11. Prostheticmunky

    New whitelist system coming Soon™

    The problem I have with is time my life is a roller coaster at work. If you told me I had to fill out forms to play I'd pass on it. I don't play a lot but before I do I read the rules as a refresher. Do what you think is right but know you'll lose people good and bad players.
  12. Prostheticmunky

    New whitelist system coming Soon™

    Sounds like a good idea on paper but your going to lose alot of good people.
  13. Prostheticmunky

    CLOSE THREAD: Reign of Kings Roster/Registry

    Sir Hodge
  14. Prostheticmunky

    Quinn Bauer's Story (SEASON 1)

    Great work yet again