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  1. this is Jimmy Sloveton again ....

    somebody just delete this topic its worthless to even reply anymore
  2. this is Jimmy Sloveton again ....

    kill me .....
  3. this is Jimmy Sloveton again ....

    is there any way you guys can let an under aged in the community, ive just turned 13 and i spend most of my time playing RP encouraged servers and i have really had an good experience i know what RP is and i just wanna see how i will do on here, im mature and i really want to play on this server i think i waited 4 months for this please
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    me after what just happend 


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    • Jimmy Sloveton
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    man why just why 

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      please no more

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      it's time to stop now guys

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      Jimmy Sloveton

      yeah just stop i dont wanna get into trouble see you in 4 years 

  4. i am under-age and just looking to join the server i talked to an admin on TS he sayid that you have to be 16 years old to join so i went to the forums and now im trying to get noticed by "someone", so all my friends that i used to play with "took an break from dayz" and im now alone everyday and i guess i want to have some fun trying DayzRP i heard many people talk about this and watched many golden experiences on youtube so now i want to have some nice experiences myself i read all the rules and im just coming here to respect the rules and be an member but then the admin sayid im underage he asks me for my account puts it in an list and yeah i dont really like this rule some underage "people" are not dicks and are here for the RP only like me soo yeah i hope somebody sees this and accepts me ... this was Jimmy Sloveton remember my name maybe someday we will meet on the server