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  1. In July 2017 me and my friend Joe Linder were traveling trough the black sea we had radio and mobile contact with some friends we've met over the internet and now we were traveling through the black sea to reach Russia. The date was october 9th when we left Bulgaria and on July the 16th we lost all radio contact with the main land. Not really used to sea habits we quickly got lost and did not know what to do so we got of course and got trapped on some rocks. Stuck there with no food left and no radio contact we finally noticed a storm headed our way. We quickly got into our boat and tried to shake it loose but with no success. The following hour we noticed the storm quickly moving closer and stated moving our boat with the waves created by the wind. So in about 30-40 minutes the boat got loose but the storm took us instead. Quite scared and no clue what to do we went beneath the deck and stayed there in hope of the storm camling down. Eventually the boat started taking in water and the engines shut off. Then the lights went out and we just heard a big boom from our ship. Then everything went black. I woke up on a unknown shore without anything but a t-shirt and some jeans. Joe was nowhere to be found and i was all alone. I walked of the shore to see if i could find some shelter when i heard a strange moan. Not sounding human but not animalistic either i went to check it out. I saw a man walking in a strange way in the forest so i walked closer to find that the man was grey and disgusting. He looked dead to me. I shouted at him and he turned around. I fell backwards and just grabbed the closest thing to me which was a rock. The man started running towards me at high speeds. I took the stone and bashed his head in. He fell to the ground without a sound. I looked at the corpse and saw that he must have been dead for days. I quickly understood what was happening and therefor i ran to the closest building in hope of rescueing