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  1. Hello

    Meh, I don't know questions about the game and lore but it does not mean that I can't play RP. You made a big mistake rejecting my appeal, you lost a good player. See ya then
  2. Hello

    Ahh, I have been banned for failing the test 5 times.. So, I won't play this RP. Good bye
  3. Hello

    Hello everyone, I'm Sosnix and I am from Poland I heard about your server somewhere, so I tried to play here. I'm trying to pass the whitelist, but it isn't that easy at the beginning xD. About me? I have played RP since 2011, RP in SAMP ( GTA San Andreas ), Arma 3 lakeside and some other games with Role Play, but I play English Role Play for the first time, I believe that I will handle it. The most difficult thing is that I don't understand some hard words ( obvious for you ) and I'm afraid that I won't be able to understand some people who say very quickly. So, hello again and see you in game