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  1. Meet Edward Denore

    @Rekhoem Thank you! It was a little tough finding the exact pictures i wanted but it worked out, i'm glad you liked the story!
  2. Meet Edward Denore

    Thanks guys!
  3. Kicker's favorite collection

    Thank you
  4. Meet Edward Denore

    This is Edward Denore and this is my story. 1993 | Childhood Born in 1993 in Vybor, a small town in Chernarus. Home to many hard working farmers and families. I remember spending my childhood playing in our backyard either playing with the ball or digging up dirt, on weekends my dad would take me fishing to that lake south of our town but i never had luck catching any so he would give me one so i can tell my mother that i caught one to make her happy. I remember the sounds of the airplanes flying above our town to and from the airfield north of us, they were loud and the sky was filled with the trails they left behind. 2003 | Change My parents split up when i was only 10, i remember coming home from school and my father telling me to pack up because we were moving to western Europe to start a new life. I didn't realize the magnitude of it at the time and i was overwhelmed with the new life and the challenges it brought. My father struggled to learn the new language but he finally managed to learn enough to land a new job while i was at school hoping to make friends. 2008 | Transition After 5 years of trying to fit in, i couldn't hide the pain of missing home so i begged my dad to let me go back. He refused and said if i came home he would no longer talk to me. I never understood why he said that nor why he didn't want to talk about the divorce but i was determined. I quit school, saved enough money and bought a plane ticket. 2009 | Home Finally made it home! I was beyond happy when my plane landed, but that feeling was quickly vaporized when the sound of gunfire and screams echoed in my ears. Civil war and riots repainted the faces of my people, my hometown was no longer the same. I rushed to find my mother who was still living at our old house, i never saw her this sad before. She had been lonely all this time, i had to take care of her and so i did. I made several attempts to contact my father in the next few years but to no avail. 2014 | Endings & Beginnings It was an evening in October, can't quite recall the exact date but i vividly remember having dinner with my mother. We were watching one of her favorite shows on TV while talking about my father and how our lives would have been like had we stayed together when suddenly the show abruptly switched to the news channel and that's when the news reporter said that a lot of people were getting unusually sick, they didn't say what it was or how fast it was spreading but before we knew it, it had already reached Myshkino just southwest of us. I tried to calm my mother down and told her that the authorities will have this under control. There was that sad face again, i won't leave her alone. We weren't allowed to go outside as tanks and soldiers filled the streets headed south of us. Fearing the worst, we hunkered down and hoped that the storm would go by. Next day we started hearing people screaming and running outside, that's when we knew that the infection was too disastrous for the military to contain. It wasn't safe anymore, we had to move. I had an uncle who lived in Russia and my mother said he'd keep us safe so north was our destination. The roads were blocked, we had to go on foot along with hundreds of people. After many horrible nights spent in the wilderness constantly looking over our shoulders, half of what remained of the group decided to go northwest seeking safety, my mother and i as well as the other half kept heading north. As we arrived at the border gates, it was dark and we were hungry and exhausted. We heard gunshots from the front and everyone started running back. We were being pushed left to right, i fell and lost my mother's hand and she was nowhere to be found as people kept pushing between us, i couldn't see so i called for her but my voice was lost between the cries of everyone running. I made a promise, i had to look for her and as the way towards the border gates cleared, all i saw was dead bodies piling up and there she was... My body froze and my mind shutdown, she was gone! That's when someone pulled my shirt and dragged me away from the flying bullets as i fainted. It all happened in seconds but it felt like hours. I woke up days later in an abandoned small camp and there were no traces of the people who took care of me, i was on my own. 2017 | Aftermath So here i am, alive and still trying to figure out why. Luckily i found this old tape recorder yesterday in a scavenge run and it only seemed fit for me to record my story on it and maybe... hold on i think i heard someth-
  5. Character story question

    It certainly won't be that long lol Anyways thank you for answering my question.
  6. Character story question

    Hello, I'm trying to submit my character's story as a part of the whitelisting process but i'm not sure which format to follow, telling a story in different styles have different impacts and i want to make it easy to read instead of writing a bunch of lines after each other with no spaces. Don't want for my style of story telling to unfairly meet the length requirement. What's the preferred method to this? Thanks!