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  1. S1: Bad/Gear RP SW of Stary 01/05/2017

    @Jade I had to go as it was getting late and due to important school work in which i had to get to school much earlier than usual i needed to get to sleep as soon as possible. Yes this did break the rules but i cant allow something as important as my GCSEs to be affect by a game which is why i chose to log off early.
  2. S1: Bad/Gear RP SW of Stary 01/05/2017

    Gregory James POV After meeting some people at a house we saw those people run away. however there were two hostages left in the house who came with their hands up. We then led them inside the house after a while we began to get paranoid that this was a trap due to how the situation unfolded. We tried then acted more cautious and tried to speed up the process. After stripping them to check for weapons i asked to take one of their gloves which they handed over. After that we spent a bit more time talking and then went on our way leaving them with their clothing.
  3. After splitting up into different teams to assault the island I was put on to a team which would swim to the south west of the island. After swimming to the island my team stayed back while the other teams pushed into the prison. My teams job was to look out for other people trying to swim to the island. After a while of repositioning I was with @JoshuaKav and @Smoke_Wheat. Suddenly in chat I saw a message in chat from a single enemy who was initiating on us and telling us to put our hands up. Due to me being in an awkward position I was unable to move for a few seconds while I was trying to break free from my position I was taking shots. After breaking free from my position I only had time to fire a couple of shots before I was dead.