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  1. Gregory was living in Countryside of Britain, Yorkshire. He originally came from London but retired to become a subsistence farmer. He was living in a considerably large house with his wife. The house was rented out, they were pretty lucky to have got the place so cheap. The landlord was a crazy man, living in the shed about 100m from the premises, always seemed an odd person. Ever so often you would hear him screaming, or singing to himself. They believed that he once lived with his wife in the house until she died. It always gave the house a haunting feel. It came up to about 2 years of the couple living together, the weather was great, perfect status for Greg to farm. On the 23rd of April in 2001, Greg and his wife had been given 1 week to move out. With no choice or warning they were forced out and became refugees. They weren’t short of money, but had limited options. On the same night Greg had suggestion, to move to a place called Chernarus between Russia and Takistan. The couple went to Dover and from there took a pleasant Ferry to Russia. Once they arrived they stayed at a local hotel. The following morning they arrived at Chernarus, Berezino. He had a sizeable plot of land with a cosy home. For the following 13 years, Greg and his wife lived a very layed back life. They refused to get involved with other peoples business. They weren’t very social and didn’t make any friends. Anyway as time went by, getting closer to the winter season of 2014, things started to get a little odd. The city didn’t seem as loud, more people were leaving but not many came in. During October, the couple were frightened by some gunshots in the city. Greg grabbed the shotgun and locked up. He made sure he would have enough food to last a couple of days. A few days later, there was nothing but silence. The couple were right next to the main road so they would hear a care go by regularly. They finally decided to open the door and inspect the city. They made there way towards the lumbermill and saw some abnormal creatures running around. As if they were dogs, scavenging around. Greg’s wife was frightened by the things, they had no idea what was going on. They made their way through the city, not finding a single sane person. All the buildings were destroyed, broken glass and blood trails on the floor. They went into the supermarket, completely shattered. Inside was a person laying on the floor. While Greg was lingering around, his wife tried waking up the person. The person had some sort of tag on his. With the name “Micheal”, the guy clearly worked there. He had blood pouring down his white t-shirt. Gregs wife went to touch the person and he vaulted up and grabbed her by the neck. Now getting Gregs atention, he ran over and pulled her off the guy. The ugliest thing Greg had ever layed eyes on. He planted two, 12 gauge shots into him. Greg glanced at his wife, she was looking down at her arm. She had blood completely covering her arm. She had a massive flesh wound, her bones were visible. She had lost so much enery, she was struggling to cry. Greg went to find help, he went to the road and screamed. Panicing hard, he ran back to his wife. But it was too late… It was clear, she had died from blood loss. Greg focused on the shotgun. So much temptation, to restore his life with his wife. He knew that was out of the question. Greg left the city with a sedan. He made his way south west down the coast. He began farming again. He farmed because he knew that it was the only thing in his heartbroken life that made him happy. That reminding him of what he once was. To this day Gregory still farms what he can. Most of what he makes is rotten but he cherishes all that is clean, and fresh. People visit him now and again. Only to steal. He does his best to fight of the creatures. He will find prosperity again. One Day…
  2. cascav

    S1: Bad/Gear RP SW of Stary 01/05/2017

    @Jade I had to go as it was getting late and due to important school work in which i had to get to school much earlier than usual i needed to get to sleep as soon as possible. Yes this did break the rules but i cant allow something as important as my GCSEs to be affect by a game which is why i chose to log off early.
  3. cascav

    S1: Bad/Gear RP SW of Stary 01/05/2017

    Gregory James POV After meeting some people at a house we saw those people run away. however there were two hostages left in the house who came with their hands up. We then led them inside the house after a while we began to get paranoid that this was a trap due to how the situation unfolded. We tried then acted more cautious and tried to speed up the process. After stripping them to check for weapons i asked to take one of their gloves which they handed over. After that we spent a bit more time talking and then went on our way leaving them with their clothing.
  4. cascav

    s1-Attempted invalid KoS, Possible NVFL,Possible Ghosting- Prison Island

    After splitting up into different teams to assault the island I was put on to a team which would swim to the south west of the island. After swimming to the island my team stayed back while the other teams pushed into the prison. My teams job was to look out for other people trying to swim to the island. After a while of repositioning I was with @JoshuaKav and @Smoke_Wheat. Suddenly in chat I saw a message in chat from a single enemy who was initiating on us and telling us to put our hands up. Due to me being in an awkward position I was unable to move for a few seconds while I was trying to break free from my position I was taking shots. After breaking free from my position I only had time to fire a couple of shots before I was dead.