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  1. IGN: Justice Trannor Age: 21 (In-game age is 30-something... I think I said 36 before.) Country: United States English skills: Flawless DayZ Mod Experience: Since Oct. 2013 DayZ Standalone Experience: Since December-ish 2014 Roleplaying Experience: A loooooong time. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Mercenary or Guardsman. A general rifleman would do. Have you been in any clan/group previously: I was one of the three founders of the Colony, but I've never really stuck with any clans or groups previously. Additional notes: I am looking for a RP-heavy group, not a PvP-oriented group. Best way to contact you: Forum PM. Please do not bother me over TS with offers. Backstory: Justice Trannor was in Chernaurus long before the infection broke out, working up north on farming equipment and military vehicles. He's spent the last few years surviving, and has been hardened by his loss of close friends. There is not much to be said about his past, since he does not talk about it often.
  2. I've now met a total of seven people, two of which were in a group, the other five were also in a group. The triangle is devoid of life, even the cities north and east are vacant.
  3. I've been on the server for an hour in this session, and almost ten hours throughout the day, and I've only met one person in Dichina military. Where is everyone now, and why is everyone turtled up in their selected cities, avoiding everyone else? Isn't the point of an RP server to go -out- and find people to... I dunno, *RP* with?< Faction settlements are found Here.
  4. DeusMach

    S1 ~ 4:30 Combat Log, and Possible Bad RP.

    I was present during most of Josh's tickle/torture (which I must say, super soldier RP, and was pretty unsatisfactory) and I had not gotten to go over to the tin shed during this. This was the pair where one of them ran off after we were escorting him over to the tin shed, wasn't it? If so, I can't really give any evidence to identify this guy. For reference, I was the guy in the Aviators, black baseball cap, rider's jacket, black cargos and black boots with the AK 101 (full spec'd), pointing at Josh in a corner with my gun for most of his torture.
  5. DeusMach

    S1 Multiple Attempted KOS

    This was not I or Duncan. For one, we were south of Vybor when the shooting first started there, were nowhere near the NWAF (we had ran to lopatino after our initiations on Jack and that fun RP) and then we were south of the Construction sight when it happened there (and then I was actually in the construction site). I had radio comms and I knew exactly where Duncan was, and the shots were coming from an entirely different direction than he was in. I can verify that it -was- a Mosin in Vybor, with a compensator and Long Ranged Scope from the sound of the shots and the distance between them and percy's group (they were shooting at Percy when he was on the hill and in the field between Vybor and Lopatino). There was a very short burst of AKM fire as I and Duncan were leaving Vybor, which I believe was fired at the perpetrator, but I do not know for certain.
  6. Mid-day, the radio clicks on, and a gruff man's voice can be heard. "I don't know if this is going to get who I'm trying to say this to, but Anna, if you are listening, know that those peckers did not do much to me. I'll return eventually to teach you how to fire that SKS of yours. I've gotten a few more bundles of ammo for you, too. Stay alive out there." The message promptly ends and the radio goes silent.
  7. "Today has been one heck of a day. Actually, the last two days have been really fucking strange. Yesterday, everything seemed fine and dandy until a man chopped at the apple tree and bolted when Percy confronted him. He started to run, and I knew Percy wasn't in shape enough to chase after, so I took it upon myself to charge after him. I bellowed at him to stop and get on the ground and face judgement for his crimes, but he fled. I shot almost fifty bullets at him, managing to tag him only once, but I think the vest saved his life. After nearly a thirty minute chase, halfway through which Percy joined in, we lost him and headed back to the colony. It was then that we got a radio transmission from our friends in Svetlo relaying that they had found the guy. Percy and I got into the truck and barreled the fuck out of dodge and made haste to Svet. We tracked him down by the apartment buildings. I told percy to wait off, and that I was going around, but Percy got a bit angst, and he initiated just as I managed to get on the guy's rear side. I pumped four bullets into the man, and one bullet ricocheted into our ally, but Percy took a bulled right in the gut. I was struck into a panic when I saw the old man go down. I had never felt more fear in my life. I realized then the reason why I had returned to the colony at all. It was to keep this man, Percival Windsor, from doing something like this and getting hurt. To be the voice of wisdom, and an arm of strength. To protect him and keep him alive. But I had failed at that. I quickly dressed Percy's wounds and put a bullet into the other man's head, making sure he did not rise up again before picking up Percy and taking him to the truck. I made sure he was safe in the passenger seat before getting in the truck myself and hauling ass back to the Colony. We got back and I had Pierce take a look at him. He told me the old man would be just fine. Fucking doctors. He'd better be. I've not seen him since. Anyhow, while I was pacing like a frantic child over a wounded parent, a gal named Kitty came in and began to console me, suggesting she and I should go get some food for Percy to eat once he recovered. I obliged and we went north. I don't know the name of the town, but it doesn't matter. Kitty was determined to talk me into a friendship, and I could only begrudgingly resist at first. I did not really enjoy how she was. She was rather... bubbly. Too happy to be real. She had a mean cuteness to her. I just can't place my finder on it. The kind of sweetness that would cause you to have diabetes. Anyhow, I guess I pissed her off. I did kind of snap on her, and I hadn't really had much of a chance to say sorry. Apologies are always difficult for me. She continued down the road, right into a hoard of zeds. Before I could swallow my pride, fear shot up to replace it. I tried to take the fuckers out, but they still managed to maul her to unconsciousness. I picked her limp form up and hauled her ass back to the Colony, like I did with percy, but Pierce was not in. No one was. I tended to her myself, and I could not help but feel responsible for her misfortune. I sat there, in the prison building, and ran a thumb over her cheek. She was still to damn cute to be real. I was fed up with myself. I took my leave once I knew she would be fine. I guess she woke up and wandered off, because the next day I was contacted by radio and she asked to meet me again. A whole shit-fest went down when I got to Elektro. She was lying face down in the fire station, bleeding profusely from scratches and from being mauled by the zeds. I swiftly gave her medical attention, bandaged her wounds, gave her food and water and began CPR on her. When she seemed stable, I sat back, reflecting on what just happened. Why the fuck do I care what happens to this woman? Why is she so surreal? She makes me feel awkward and strange, but not just in a bad way. I couldn't put my finger on why she was so god damn irresistible. I cannot let this broad get to me. She'll just end up like the others, or like Haley. Dead. She did not take kindly to what we spoke of later, when I tried to say we should not get to know each other more than what we have already. She thought I was saying I did not want to be her acquaintance. I did not mind that, but anything more would be... pushing a line I could not push. Not again. I will keep to having Percy as my only friend. However, she did catch my mind a bit. She spoke of how she always liked to stargaze. That might explain her star-print panties... not that I was looking or anything. I took out the old kodiak and snapped a picture of the sky, of the little dipper constellation. She might like that. A lot else has transpired, but I'm far too tired to write that down. My wrist aches. We'll see how tomorrow ends up."
  8. After talking it over with Frank over teamspeak, I have decided to request the report to be closed. Apparently, this was caused by a severe misunderstanding, and Frank and I have spoken about it, and gotten it corrected.
  9. I will leave this to the admins to pass judgement on. There is little to talk about.
  10. The issue was that I never once said anything about them not liking it. I said a few of them were addicted, but not necessarily crazed over it. And you twisted that somehow into me raping them, and proceeded to use that to start spreading lies about a topic that should never be brought up in RP. I tried to correct it at first by asking you if I looked like the kind of man who would rape a woman, but it seems like I should have been more direct. I wouldn't have cared if it was murder, or robbing, or anything else that you'd have spread lies about on me, but spreading lies that I am a rapist is way over the line, in my view. As for the trolling, I was told by percy that you were running around the camp with the lamp. I was informed that that would be possible trolling by one of the game masters when I was speaking to them over teamspeak. If this was not you, and was someone else, then I apologize, and we can drop that bit of the accusation. I would like to quote the rules, here, to provide the reason why I am reporting: However, while this isn't enacting in actual roleplay involving rape, I still feel it crossed the line quite a bit.
  11. Server and location: S1, Bashnya Hill (The Colony) Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): About 5:00am-6:00pm (unsure) Daytime or Night-time: Night Time. Your in game name: Justice Trannor. Names of allies involved: Percival Windsor, most of the Colonists. Name/Skin of suspect/s: Cletus Daniels. I assume he is 'Frank' on the forums, since he is mentioned in the James Brother's Gang under the same name. Suspects weapon/s: Not Applicable Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Not Applicable Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): OGClownshoe has a past broadcast. Detailed description of the events: After a long moment of server issues (and a game of Cards Against Humanity), I come back onto the server. Me and OG spend time exchanging some gear and then the accused comes over. I have a few words with him, regarding drugs and how they can be addicting. I used sex as an example, since most don't realize that sex can be addicting at times, and can be considered a natural drug. Then I ask if he had gotten out much before the outbreak. He said no, and I replied by saying that I had met a few broads in my time who considered sex to be addicting to them, but was not craved for it. Then he somehow twisted that into claiming that I forced sex on them, pointing me out as a 'rapist'. I turned to him and asked 'Do I look like the kind of man who would rape a woman?' figuring he misunderstood. Lo and behold, he takes that claim and runs with it. He then goes out into the woods to talk to someone named Frank I think. I was standing five feet from him. He brought up the topic again, saying 'I don't trust that man there, with the gas mask. He says that he used to rape women', which was quite polar opposite to what I said. I asked to speak to him alone, and he refused quite openly, saying that whatever needed to be said would be able to be said around his 'friends' (who weren't really his friends at all, moreso mine if anything). And so, since he said that, I made a very boisterous announcement, saying something along the lines of 'Alright, why would you be calling me a rapist behind my back, then?!', and he began to babble excuses, trying to say he was talking about copenhagen. I call him out on his bullcrap, saying I was standing five feet from him when he was saying those things. He denied it and I told Percy I needed to speak with him. We parted away a bit, and I informed Percy that the man (Cletus) was calling me (justice) a rapist behind my back. I also told him something along the lines of 'he needs to be dealt with, before I do something I'll regret'. One thing lead to another and Percy ended up banishing him from the Colony. That is when the trollish act begins. With a lit gas lamp, he circles the camp and runs through, probably trying to bait us into chasing him and trying to enforce the banishment. Anyhow, on the stream at arond 8:23:10, Cletus says 'I asked did you rape them, and he tried to avoid it', which is what I consider him claiming my character to be a rapist. You can hear it clearly despite the rest of the background chatter. Around 8:24:00 is when I told Cletus to join me for a word. 8:25:00 is when I confront Cletus about him saying I've raped women. That's enough said, for me. OGClownshoe will be making a highlight, eventually.
  12. Sweet mary joseph o_o you have my thanks!
  13. 1. Request: Avatar 2. Texts: None 3. Color of Texts: N/A 4. Locations of Text: N/A 5. Image: http://i.imgur.com/ypMO2y4.png 6. Location of Images: N/A 7. Word Font: N/A 8. Any Other Details: If you could work your magic to shred the background off of this picture and format it for an avatar one a blue background, that would be swell-like.
  14. "Today has been quite the mixed bag of fruit. On one hand, I've likely enjoyed myself the most within the last twenty four hours than I ever have since the outbreak. On the other hand, memories of a haunting past resurfaced, and I'm feeling like shit again. I returned to the Colony after my trip home and met a few people there. Two of which were talking about Lapua rounds. I dropped in and said a few words before the man parted the group, saying something about finding a sword and talking to percy. The other one was a lass named Marissa. She was quaint. Sounded like she was from Bawston, or Joursie. Turns out she's from the home o' the frank, good ol' Stratton Island. I think that's in New York, right? Probably not, but who cares. We sat around a fire and got to know each other and before I knew it, she was suggesting we should go take a hike together and hunt some animals down, to cook up a meal for the colony. Well, truth be told it was my idea, but if everyone else thinks she suggested it, it won't make me seem like such a pansy, pining for alone time with a woman. Anyhow, a hike we did take and met a man named Truelove down at the airfield. We spotted another man in a tower, pegging zeds down the way. That's when some silent pecker popped out of nowhere and startled Marissa. I thought that was funny. She turned her trousers a proper shade of brown, hah! Anyhow, we moved on and returned to talking about sports. Don't ask me how we got there, we went from food to killing shit to hotdogs to 'oi, what team to you score for'. English is a funky language, isn't it? Anyhow, she called me a wacko for not watching sports on Sundays back before the Fall. One thing led to another and I was talking about Joshua and Mackenzie, my wee boy an' girl. It was a difficult thing to bring up, and the memories alone almost made me choke. But for Marissa's sake, and my own pride's sake, I held back my emotions like a man and muscled through it. I told Marissa about how I lost my children. About how Mackenzie was only about twelve when it happened, her brother only eight. About how I returned home one day to find the children wrestling with each other, like they normally did. Though, this time wasn't the same. I told Marissa how the children were literally tearing each other apart, but that is where I had to stop, before I ended up crying again. I can't recall if I told her about how I had to put them out of their misery. My gut hurt during our trek. The memories weighed heavily. Eventually, I told her th at the reason why I did not get along with others is because I don't trust them to keep themselves alive. And I know that if I let myself grow attached to another person like I did with Haley, that they would end up turning, and I'd have another hole in my being. Our trek lasted only for a few hours after that. We checked a wreck, wrecked a town full of zeds and eventually ended up at my house. It's in the woods, nestled away from others. Marissa had thought I was luring her there to rape her or something. Like hell. Anyhow, she eventually realized I wasn't a bad guy and we started talking about her while we cooked up what few steaks we accrued along the way. She told me of someone she called 'Blue Eyes'. Her husband, apparently. I guess it's a good thing she's married. Saves me the issue of worrying about whether or not I like her. And it's good that she's taken. A woman like her shouldn't be wandering the world alone. However, a man like me... well, I'd say I've earned enough demons to deserve this desolate existence. But at least I have allies I can call upon. And I think Marissa's one of them. Anyhow, we decided that tomorrow was the day we would go and hunt some more, since dark was falling by the time we got done talking. I sent Marissa upstairs to sleep, since there was a bed up there that was cleaned and ready for such things. And now I find myself downstairs, sitting on the couch, which will be my bed for the night, writing in this little diary of mine on the kitchen table. Nights like these... in places like this... it's almost possible to forget all of the shit that has happened, and all of the creatures out there. I hope I get to see more nights like this. . ."
  15. I've not seen him before, so 5/10 because he is a CH.
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