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  1. The rules create certain restrictions for the function of ensuring that there's quality RP on the server and they also set a certain standard for said RP. Rolle pretty much summarized that. "Good RP" is also subjective; there's a lot of factors to consider (character motives, execution of those motives, etc etc). It makes much more sense for a character to engage in such hostile RP with a valid reason for such actions such as past connections with bad blood... but in this situation, I'm not too sure myself. Also, I find that using vulgar language often detracts from your main points instead of supporting them, but each to his own, yeah?
  2. The Abandoned - Media

    Love the group idea and the screenshots are looking great with the edits. Particularly like the first one with the green-like overlay.
  3. Safe Zone.

    I like the idea, but it seems like a lot of people are against it for a myriad of reasons. Perhaps it could be a safe zone that isn't "open"/active all the time so that there's still a sense of realism? It kind of would make sense with the new lore and all that sets our timeline back, so I'm not wholeheartedly against it. I think Rolle made some good points on how hostile RPers have a sort of place to go to (the Triangle) but there isn't really a place like that for all other kinds of RPers don't really have the same option.
  4. Why is the US server always Offline?

    That's fair, I get that issue with my ping as well.. Maybe playing on peak times could help so that the S2 is up? But then again, it's not usually super populated unless a new patch has just dropped.
  5. Whitelist - Background Story

    It's best that you create a file/folder on your computer with any information relevant to your character, as it seems like you're taking the backstory into quite some creative consideration. Seems like you'll have to retype it out due to that error, unfortunately.
  6. Active Firefight

    Getting away is the preferable option but if it's not available under relatively safe conditions (i.e. getting caught in between) then hunkering down is the best next bet.
  7. Thoughts on new zombies?

    Stealth by sneaking around or throwing objects to distract them helps. Try to also get a melee weapon early on and keep rags handy for when they make you bleed.
  8. TS and Voip - make it more fair?.

    I support the idea for the sake of realism and RP itself (y'know telepathy is kinda in the same realm of metagaming/powergaming) but practically it's difficult to enforce as people have stated some good reasons above.
  9. Yellow skies over Novaya Petrovka

    That's slightly unsettling, perhaps it's a nod to 0.63's incoming content.
  10. Billy's Media Thread:]

    It's an interesting take to show so much color on an otherwise bleak, apocalyptic world. Personally I really liked the first image because it's got a bit of color but it's not overwhelming as it's in the background illuminating the sign. But anyhoo, good content.
  11. Yeah my bad for that, I was gonna put my hands up but you started to count down so I thought you were gonna slice me anyway. Adrenaline got me all shaky, lol. No harm intended, no hard feelings.
  12. LOL I had no idea it was being recorded but it's not too bad for my first hostile situation... Edit: @Dew you could say it was worth a slice ...
  13. I've been watching some footage of .62 and I'm hoping that it will be better optimized; I can run my game on my laptop around 50-60 FPS right now and would prefer better optimization over some pretty trees. Though, I still appreciate that they're trying to implement some sort of content while we wait for the big ol' .63 update to drop.
  14. What the hell just happened?

    Well, I think that on a server like this where there is both VOIP and Text RP there's more pressure on the Text RP'ers to type faster. I've had a lot of practice with text roleplay as it's the only type of roleplay I've had experience with prior to DayZRP. That being said, @The Traveler, people probably got confused with you typing //% because it doesn't really seem to be a standard on the server. Again, practice along with knowing how much/little you should type in a given moment really helps. Edit: This video was one hell of a rollercoaster..
  15. Character customization, please. I'd love to see the different kinds of combinations that people come up with. Also, more vehicles, though that in itself should be limited due to the apocalyptic setting.