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    Come home to me :(


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      Come home to train you ? I will beat you into the GM I thought you would be 

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  1. no point in having 10 in S2 and the rest in S1, close S2 and give someone the chance to find some roleplay.
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    Looking Fresh!

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      dont get me started on that


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      I'm sure you know me feelings on the matter. 

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    I miss you. Come home. :(

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      Fucking fix it!

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      hehe you know you just called yourself the devil right?  (I'm so tempted to say fix your shit, god damn mod mentality.)

      or mob mentality...damn subconscious slips...

  2. Punishing without video evidence clearly shows the staff team favour a certain community member over another. This goes against a core idea all GM's were trained too. The fact that admins even try to condone this cements my conclusion that the members of staff involved and those defending it know fuck all. Peroid
  3. lets be real you checked out a long time ago. I have no idea what kept you hanging on
  4. giving beanz is based on opinion and to be frank in my opinion you have entered this topic with the wrong attitude to be addressing this community as a member of staff. I would suggest thinking about your posts and framing them in a more professional manor from her out
  5. I fail to see the abuse of the reputation system if I'm honest @Rolle. Why not call it what it really is, you are censoring our ability to give positive reputation to whom we please. Namely a particular new comer. If this conscious effort bu you is to save the feelings of another why not say so ? Going around making a new comer feel unwelcome is not a way of developing this community.
  6. cosdaxdidit

    A glimmer of hope is restored ! Welcome back sir
  7. perhaps giving people some more details will produce more traffic for you project
  8. Thanks Autumn I'm sure you and your current team are working tirelessly to deliver something you believe the community is looking for. I'm not personally feeling much hype myself this is why I suggested a small story from the Lore guys to help jump start something for us all to start planning with.
  9. Brian ? Hell no, Y'all need Jesus. Othuyeg welcome back
  10. Sooner is always better to drive some anticipation for a project like this. Why not think out of the box and release a lore and stories post that can offer some ambiguous outline of what players can expect and centre it around a character they might meet ? a prelude of sorts.
  11. Can he have a time frame to release ? @Voedric There are 2 sides to every coin. Turning the forum into your Tumblr is not the answer
  12. If you left the team fair enough, it does not mean you need to air dirty laundry on the forums, looking at your recent posts in this thread you attitude has been somewhat horrendous from the start. Perhaps keep some dignity and bow out gracefully ?