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    Enzo Carini born September 8, 1995. “Enzo” grew up in primorsk, not too far from the capitol. He’s fairly educated and came from a good family, although he’s had a taste for getting himself in over his head as a child. His Uncle Nicolai told him stories of adventures and such, which got him “curious” about seeking fame and fortune. Now in his twenties, he’s a bit more respectful. In his belt pouch, he carries a locket he found with a drawing of a rather attractive young girl and the word “Anna” in styled calligraphy. he didn't think much of it. still living at home with his family and obtaining a part time job as a shop assistant, Life was fairly simple from this point on but when the outbreak made a full swing, that life took a turn. He looked on as the world fell apart the break out was spreading fast, The majority of his town had died including his father(50),Mother(47) and younger brother(16) and he was left to fend for himself in the ruins of his home. This didn’t stop him though. Enzo heard that there was a safe zone up north to Chernarus however he had to think about this as this was where the infection spread from, him and one other left from Primorsk and set off. on the way to the so called safe-zone they were stopped dead in there tracks what enzo and his friend could see was destruction smashed cars, over grown grass no essence of life. it was an eerie place to be. 'when a man goes to war their brain turns to water and come out their ears, all they can rely on is instinct' enzo would look at the locket he found of the girl and imagine her dying on the back under her name he wrote "no mercy". Enzo traveled from town to town looking for survivors.