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Princess Pado


"The OG and Only DayzRP Princess"

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  1. Princess Pado

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Best lay hands off my boy before you get promoted to gamemaster. But good times all around shout out to @Joe for his top tier roleplay today really came in hot with that new development
  2. Princess Pado

    Family [Open Broadcast]

    *David would pick up his radio and hold down the transmit button* Yo I understand, I will bring my costume as I am as that Hutch dude told me to say down to get the dirty. Hutch gave me the hook up so worry not my pack I will be there or I will be square. I hope to see you all soon, much love, bless. *David would release the transmit button*
  3. Princess Pado

    What are you tired of seeing most?

    The forums oh and also people who post status updates like its twitter or music lyrics. *he would throw a rock at @JimRP* hehe
  4. Princess Pado

    Surviving the Wilds

  5. Princess Pado


    Wow! Thanks for this!
  6. Princess Pado

    Santiago Cartel [Open Recruitment]

    Shhhhhhh Not a pleasure to be here
  7. Princess Pado

    The Russo Syndicate [Selective Recruitment]

    Hey guys its me tyer boy you" took", in kab like 10 minutes ago, I just want to know what the plan was telling me to put my hands up and then running off I was really pumped to be taken hostage for the first time in awhile. Don't want to clutter your thread so feel free to pm me. tyty
  8. Princess Pado

    • Princess Pado
    • Osku


  9. KpopKilla

    • KpopKilla
    • Princess Pado

    I am loyal to the royal family.

    1. Princess Pado

      Princess Pado


  10. Anouk

    • Anouk
    • Princess Pado

    Stop changing your name I am getting confused.

    1. Hellboy


      pado is as free and fluid as water, not even his own name can hold him down

    2. Princess Pado

      Princess Pado


  11. Princess Pado

    • Princess Pado
    • UndeadRP


  12. Princess Pado

    Warren Lowe

    *David would press his transmit button* Yikes... BIG YIKES.... What the fuck is this CJ, you have to get permission from yer girl to roll with me and then you say you gotta go back to hang with these goons? The fuuuuck... Look at you man hanging out with a rapist and shit damn... how the quarter of the mighty have fallen *He would shake is head and then sneeze into the radio before letting the transmit button go*
  13. Joe

    • Joe
    • Princess Pado


  14. Princess Pado

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    Major you best at ease yourself real quick before i make you buy me another copy of atlas
  15. Princess Pado

    • Princess Pado
    • Watchman


    1. Watchman


      My man

    2. Watchman


      robert redford yes GIF

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