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  1. new kh is dope

  2. Big Yikes Sounds like a thing that you should handle through roleplay -100
  3. Will you go out with me?

    Yes ◽         No◽

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    2. Osku-chan
    3. Viking


      I answered the question for pado, he has accepted but keep it up and he might refuse

    4. Cuteboi39


      mfw I thought we was already going out


  4. Cuteboi39

    Force PK's in public executions.

    As far as I am concerned rp>all else but case by case of course that being said ill probably never permadeath dont play enough nor care enough to give more than I am
  5. O lady of the lake! O lady of the lake!!!!

    Kuvahaun tulos haulle lady of the lake gif

  6. These roleplay attacks must STOP!

  7. Big Yikes Roleplay is a two way street first and foremost, every time as of late I've been told someone has had a bad time they just expected to before hand plugged there ears and screamed... and yeah roleplay has dropped hard (agreeing with @Wong) but thats what happens when you push out heavy hitters (why amnesty is/was pretty lit).... There is/was a lot of groups out there who make there own stories away from people/high pop zones I don't like that shit personally but maybe someone or people need to bring a few back idk, I think a server of roleplay should be about rp for all not for some and thats what I try to do at least. I hate shoving what I think should be down peoples throats just my 2 cents waste of time and too much heartache. Also I don't think being overly venomous is gonna get anyone anywhere, work out your shit like adults in a pm or keep the lid on the little teapot ya feel.
  8. *David would pick up his radio and hit the transmit button* You heard it here first folks.... John Moody Leader of the Saviors and his infamous child fucker gang are coming for all those of the age 6-12 My god what a time to live I pray for the safety of the children..... John take a note from your brother and blow your cap off... no cap no cap..... Or if you want man.... I can do you like I did that "second in command" of yours...... *David would let go of the transmit button*
  9. I.... I... secretly hate role play 

    1. Zero


      When someone steals your grandfathers M4


    2. Major


      It's a shame to hate something you are so good at.


  10. The real rp starts just before you let fly the 5.56 looking lit boys
  11. The year of the campfire ended before it even began...

    Kuvahaun tulos haulle shame gif

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