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    I see the plan continues onward 

    very good

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      grace zabriskie 90s GIF

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  3. ASqueakyCleanPado

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    My hostile rp once almost caused a woman to go into cardiac arrest whom played dayzrp to "relax" due to a heart condition.... Much like that report this topic is old and boring... when people trap out and do hostile rp its a problem but when they stop people complain that the server is boring and lacks hostile rp. As of late the hostile rp from what I have seen has been better than what I thought it would be due to us losing mostly all of the great hostile rpers, won't get better with people pushing it away maybe give a shout out to some boys out there in the streets now and again (if you enjoy the rp that is) and if you don't stop sneak dissin' on the status updates and discord chats, hit 'em with a pm they won't tear your head off...(unless you're a twat about) Also fun fact hostile rpers have usually more IG backstory and IG presence than most "campfire" rpers.
  4. ASqueakyCleanPado

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    Hopefully you don't try to roll up again after lore wipe. jk tis just rp
  5. ASqueakyCleanPado

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    I wasnt there but maybe the fps thing was an excuse... ack No dayz is a bad game
  6. ASqueakyCleanPado


    Imagine stream sniping and still losing 


    ps i love u

  7. ASqueakyCleanPado

    S1 | Kabinino | BadRP/Avoiding RP/NVFL | 2018-12-1| ~19:00

    Full pov- We identified the man about to drop the yeet, the server shut downs and he has a hard time getting back in as he feels he has been wronged after a quick and civilized chat he gets back into the game we drop said yeet and then he runs for it and gets gunned down thus avoiding anything that could have happened.
  8. ASqueakyCleanPado

    The House Media

    I once had a nightmare that was @RedRP
  9. ASqueakyCleanPado

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    • Phoenix

    Glad to have you back Pat

    1. Phoenix


      Thank you Pawdough

    2. ASqueakyCleanPado


      Youre a good man pat i look forward to the rp you should hit up lop castle where all the real shit happenin

  10. ASqueakyCleanPado

    Free People of Chernarus

    *David would quickly pick up his radio and press the transmit button* Hold up before you go slick... Before Johnny Boy meet his untimely end he told me that you served your country once and you used to be a proud man... before you had a taste for little girls that is ....so I wanted to ask... Was it Air Force? He didn't tell me who you served with and I have always wondered I thought it was some stolen valor shit trying to get some pity and respect from the goons you have... which I can kinda understand you don't really have my charm or Harrison's logistical mind or even Red's humor..... Or even Hectors latin fire Now that I think about it..... the tactics you show of running away and sitting in a room up north on a radio all day reflect that.... and also your disgusting sexual tastes. Stay Gold *David would look down at his radio let go of the transmit button and place it in front of him waiting for an answer*
  11. ASqueakyCleanPado

    'Cowboy' to Doctor Isaac

    *David would hear a familiar voice over the radio and jump up and press the transmit button* CLINT IS THAT YOU? *the radio would peak making a loud static burst piercing your ears* *He would clear his throat* Sorry about that.... Listen Clint don't trust this snake all he does is fantasize about sticking his old wrinkled prick into women and young boys without consent. If you do meet him though blow his brains out then dump a magazine into him just to be sure then come to Lop Castle I got some work for you and and some mash for you as well. *David would smile and whisper under his breath "Mother Fucking Clint Take Me Back" and then he would let go of his transmit button*
  12. ASqueakyCleanPado

    Free People of Chernarus

    *David would pick up his radio and press down the transmit button* Look Yuri despite your feelings you have about the house I think you are a man who cares about how things are done. Think about it this way say you win you kill all of us and you get the V-Day you've been wanting but you did it by siding with a man who is only known for and can raping children and harm innocent women... This is all public knowledge of course go around as about Moody and what he does to young girls and boys from the ages of 14-16, I know you wont believe it coming from us but ask the people.... the ones who know about him at least might be a bit hard but they are out there. *David would let out a sigh and let go of his transmit button*
  13. ASqueakyCleanPado

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    A yung david mack for the house
  14. Jadeboat

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    Do you remember your amazing character Vanessa Brooks

  15. ASqueakyCleanPado

    A Plea For Peace (Open Frequency)

    *David would pick up his radio and hit the transmit button* As I figured you would hate things getting old Moody..... Anyway I do not think it is about being clever I think it is about stating facts such as.. How you enjoy dabbling in young children from the ages of 10-14 which is truly sickening Moody you need help or a bullet. *David would let out a long sigh and let go of his transmit button*