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  1. A Foul Goblin

    A Foul Goblin


    1. Undead


      Yeah that’s a big yikes . Big ol yikes all around people o7.

    2. Undead



      At least we’ll always have Paris .

    3. A Foul Goblin

      A Foul Goblin


  2. A Foul Goblin

    Chernarus: ATC at NWAF, invalid kill

    Ah I cut down there hostage as well apparently, I didn't realize I guess im a super naughty sailor
  3. A Foul Goblin

    Chernarus: ATC at NWAF, invalid kill

    PoV- Rolled up to the ATC after camping it out for a bit with @Undead while waiting for our local snake @FalkRP, to give us a green light to go live. Undead drop's the yeet some fire is exchanged then I roll up the stairs to a yung CJ who was not paying attention with his gat out looking down the stairs crouched in a little corner I gas him then take shots from @Husky. who was up the stairs and after lazying about for a bit @FalkRP (who was behind @Husky. at the time from my understanding) drops his yeet and gases @Husky., we take @miss_natcula I hand the rp over to @FalkRP and @Undead as I was dying for cold and hunger when we get visual from the outside from @Sung on another goon outside and I drop a text initiation in the ATC as I was pretty sure went into the building but alas he faded, we finish up the rp and leave. Apparently according to said video I did not drop the first yeet so my kill on that boy was invalid and I am a naughty sailor
  4. A Foul Goblin

    A Foul Goblin


  5. A Foul Goblin

    A Foul Goblin


  6. A Foul Goblin

    Mentor Program

    @thicdickdaddy27 (Chief Beef Rper) + @Undead (He hasn't won any awards for story telling or anything) = Better hostile roleplayers... -1 from me seems like another favoritism game with one or two exceptions to pacify the true roleplayer masses
  7. A Foul Goblin

    Mentor Program

  8. A Foul Goblin

    Devil's Gate

    double yikes
  9. A Foul Goblin

    Devil's Gate

  10. A Foul Goblin

    A Foul Goblin


  11. A Foul Goblin

    • A Foul Goblin
    • Joe


  12. A Foul Goblin

    Failed Robberies Thread

    You think me running yer ass over afterward was an accident.... trevor :,( rip my sweet princess
  13. A Foul Goblin


  14. A Foul Goblin


    Wow! Nice Screenshot! Great RP Man! Keep it up
  15. Hello it is I lord of scum I am rping right now will post pov later today.
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