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  1. Bevis

    Reika Skògur

    That's received and will be relayed to those in the group. We appreciate the interest.
  2. Good luck! I was wondering when you'd make it official
  3. Bevis

    Reika Skògur

    @Horse Join this Discord: https://discord.gg/8P35RD
  4. Bevis

    Reika Skògur

    Yes we do. Feel free to PM me on Discord: crusader0192#5189 @Horse
  5. Thanks for all the replies folks, we really appreciate all the ideas. If our current idea falls through we will most certainly consider all of these options. Again, thanks, everyone! Our group idea link: https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/96009-reika-skògur/
  6. *Sean sits up and grabs his radio, pushing the PTT* "Be advised Hunter, all have moved from the camp and abandoned it. I can work my way to you and explain further in person if you want. Over." *Sean presses his PTT and loads his rifle* "Sean to Hunter, also be advised. I am near Camp Hope. We can meet there."
  7. *Sean sits up and grabs his radio, pressing the PTT* "The Reika Skogur have had fun there the past few days. We met many unique people that we hope to meet again. So many experiences we had. From sitting around the fire listening to a guitar to hiding from gunfire from the mountains, we were there. So many great times. Oh so many. We're so so sorry to see you go, Camp Hope. We hope you find a new home. Sean over and out."
  8. So yesterday night my group and I were in Camp Hope. Shortly after shots were fired on it from the mountain and Doctor Hope and her posse left, my group and a few others were in the main cabin sitting around a fire in the chimney fireplace. Myself and @syphnatto went to go get more firewood and when we came back we heard guitar music (The Last of Us theme to be exact) being played. We came inside and sat down as it was raining outside and we were wet and cold and listened to the music play. The music was being played by a man sitting in the corner with an acoustic guitar. This had to have been one of the most fun and cinematic times in my time in this game. With the fire crackling and music being played on the guitar, my character easily fell asleep peacefully. This went on for quite a while and when the music stopped it truly was a sad moment, but we all have to go to sleep in the real word I suppose. I want to thank everyone who was there for the great experience and I hope to have a similar one with you all sometime soon. @Gopnik22 - My favorite 7'2" mute friend - feel free to @ everyone who appeared. -Sean
  9. Met you boys in game not too long ago and had a great time. Thanks for the help clearing out those infected folks in the baseball field! Good luck with your group and I hope to meet y'all in game soon again. -Sean
  10. Bevis

    Reika Skògur

    Our apologies for the edits, after contact with administrators we were made aware that the group idea and the group as a whole would have to be changed. We are proud to unveil the finished product, Reika Skògur
  11. Making thousands of dollars working for top porn producers, adult film star Chad Manning had it going easy. He lived in a mansion in sunny Sacramento and always came home with a different person each night. He was living the dream until Dale Davidson from Brazzers contacted him about shooting a nature scene in a wooded area of, you guessed it, Chernarus. Chad agreed to fly out on his "Private Jet" (AKA American Airlines) to shoot the scene. He normally didn't request details but he wished he had with this scene. He was out in the woods meeting the crew and his scene partner (as he calls them) before the shoot. His scenes typically don't take very long to shoot because he gets in and gets out (very literally) and then they're done. But this one, well, he was shooting with the most prominent pornstar in America and other countries. So to spend more time with them, he intentionally messed up quite a few shots. One day, he was on his way to the shoot and got a cellphone notification that folks in the U.S. had been hearing about some virus taking place in Chernarus. He didn't give it a second thought and kept on going about his day. He got the the shoot only to find that Dale Davidson, his producer, had been killed in cold blood and was on the floor. Chad looked around for who could've done it and saw that the crew was surrounding a trailer on the shoot scene. The trailer? Was the trailer of his scene partner. The crew? Had gone crazy and was trying to eat his scene partner. Chad had no clue what he was seeing but he jumped into action, grabbing a camera and filming this shit for the youtubes. After he did that, he grabbed a stick and went to town on the infecteds. After they were all out he helped his scene partner out of the trailer and they escaped into the woods away from that hellish place. Fuck you, Brazzers.
  12. Love the idea. If I'm correct, there are a couple of groups dedicated to that out there as of now.
  13. Thanks brother! I'll link the updated group post soon.
  14. Thanks again for the ideas y'all. We most likely will be going with a military-esq group, however we will do it as realistically as possible. For instance, some of our soldiers already have PTSD from prior tours of duty in the middle east or other service areas.
  15. We do have our idea in mind and we will post a link soon. We appreciate the replies everyone! Keep em comin!
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