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  1. Houston

    Ask the admins

    Q: If i make a new character will i still keep the gear i have on my current character? A: Yes, you will. We have no control between the transfer of gear between characters. Perhaps when beta is released. - / GameMaster Jamie
  2. Shit that sucks. Do you know where the rifle spawns?
  3. Does anyone know any good spawn locations?
  4. *Frank would hear the transmission while packing his equipment* *He would rush to the radio* "Do you have any information on their whereabouts?"
  5. *Frank would start broadcasting* "Are there any UN personel left other than me? My name is Frank Barnes i chose to stay behind. If you can hear this contact me" *Frank would put his radio beside him waiting for an answer*
  6. Frank grew up in a working-class familiy, they always struggled to pay their rents and to put food on the table so at a very young age Frank had to drop out of school to start working. When he turned 18 he joined the military and took part in many operations from Somalia to Iraq. Later in his life he decided to join the UN and served in the reconnaissance battalion. He took part in several peace keeping missions including Kosovo and Mali. During the crisis in Chernarus his unit was sent in before the main UN force to gather intel on the situation, the group made it to Zelenogorsk right before the town got overruned, they got seperated and Frank is most likely the only survivor.
  7. Alright, So me and Blake were making our way down south when i suddenly heard somebody talking behind us. We turned around and started talking to the man but all he did was saying ''Yes, oh okay'' and did not even try to role play. He then shot Blake and soon after that me too. I do not have any screenshot or video of the event since it all happend very fast. Edit: He did ask us where we were going.