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  1. I didn't talk to him with my mic, he was an active shooter on base what am I supposed to say? Please stop? I'm gonna get you!..?
  2. Sorry I'm not sure how to answer your question. IDK how to int my defense rights or how they inting on my part applies to using those.
  3. Professional job playing innocent OP. This is why everyone streams on this server. Please reread my first post! When I noticed him, I didn't kill him. A few things happened before I thought it was OK to shoot him (or even raise my gun)...........
  4. The reason why I logged off so quick was because my GF came home (it was almost 1AM my time) and was ready to go to bed. In retrospect, I would've stayed logged on longer as to not combat log. Sorry it went down like that Chris, I should've used my mic before inting but in the moment I was a nervous jitter bug. Hopefully we can share a campfire near Zelenogorsk sometime.
  5. Here's my POV of these events. I logged in Zelenogorsk and was diligently looting up the whole city for roleplaying supplies (I'm a nurse). I looted the whole town before I got any sign of another player. I was stoked to hear a long rifle coming from the military area or somewhere close. Naturally, I went to go investigate and introduce myself. As I was running to the military area, I heard another gun, this time a pistol. Not even 30 seconds later I was at the rear entrance of the nearby firestation and came upon a horrific site: a dead survivor and a dropped long rifle (so he must've been holding it, meaning it wasn't holstered). I'm a nurse so I attempted to check for pulse and administer IV, but was unable to figure out how with the new patch. I was nervous hearing the angry zombies running near his dead body, wondering how they didn't see me and why they weren't attacking me. My nervousness turned to dread as I noticed he didn't have a pistol on him. The zombies "aggro'd" around me weren't running to me because they already had the scent of another player. I followed the horde of zombies into the military compound. I noticed the second unknown player to be armed with a pistol, and quickly suspected him as a murderer. I was behind the large barracks (not the long, skinny ones) as he approached blue cargo containers. I was frozen, unsure how to initiate RP as a chaotic good nurse in a hostile RP (never done hostile RP at all, in any way). He was running around quickly, killing the aggrod zombies when he noticed me. He rounded his gun my way and I ducked behind the barracks. I circled around and fired twice.
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