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  1. From Australia, Bjorn was brought up in a poor household though he had a supportive mother who gave him everything he wanted. Bjorn never knew who his dad was and with his mother falling ill from a very young age he lost that support and began learning to grow up by himself. Bjorn never liked the controlled system that the old world was once made to follow thus making him into the adventurous type. Bjorn traveled the world, going anywhere he could whenever he could. He met lots of people and some of the people he met had been inspired by Bjorn's free spirit which led to them to follow him. This is how Bjorn ended up amongst the mess that is Chernarus, with himself and the small group of individuals that followed him his natural leadership qualities came out and is now ready to live in the new world, or as he would put it "a world that isn't much different from before".
  2. Yeah was really good fun, enjoyed our night time walk. Hope to meet you again sometime soon! Was very cool but if I had it my way it would've been more than just a stare down hahaha Good times with 101