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  1. Sorry for text size XDD I see now its so big, yes im submited again, but i dont want to wait 5 days again to play, because im excited and the application, and character development writing was like 3 hours.
  2. Hey guys, you just denied my application, what i waited for so long, and said my steam acc is private but it's fully visible, its not private guys. ! https://steamcommunity.com/id/bladek420/ ! Im writing a new one, but please give me a priority queue this time, because i don't want to wait days again, because i'm so excited about the server, and writed my application and character development for like 3 hours.
  3. Vladimir born in Vorkuta in a poor family, he used to grow hemp with his family, he just only went to primary school, and thats the end of the studying for him, he just went to a countryside farm when he growed up with his brother Artyom, and they started to grow cannabis together, after 4 years they was the richest people in the town, and sadly he is taken down by the local police, and went to jail for 3 years, when he was free, he moved to Nyheim to start a new life, but he is still smoking a lot of pot.
  4. Hello, i cant attach my steam acc to my profile because i already connected it to profile: buktakevin and im not know the username for it so i cant register. :/
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