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  1. Maverick Black. Maverick is a man with very little words but high amounts of skill. Before the outbreak, Maverick trained to be the best assassin through the art of stealth. Every single day Maverick was put through very strenuous and rigorous tests by Task Force 88, which is a U.S. stealth operative unit. When Maverick was only 6 old, his father and mother had died serving the people in Chernarus within the first month of the outbreak. Maverick was adopted by a U.S. Marine named Wayne Franklin and grew very close together. When Maverick turned 14 years old, Wayne told him he was going to Chernarus to help people suffering from an outbreak. Instantly, Maverick had a knot in his stomach, but Wayne noticed the discomfort Maverick was feeling and told him everything was going to be alright. Wayne sent Maverick to a stealth operative unit operated by the U.S. to learn what it takes to survive on his own and be able to kill when necessary without being seen. Little did Maverick know, Wayne was training him because he knew Maverick would want to go to Chernarus and learn what happened to him and his family. Maverick would not see Wayne ever again. Six years later, Maverick has been training under Task Force 88 and has become very skilled in stealth and long and close range battle and has become very good at surviving on his own. Maverick is a very feared man throughout many different countries. Maverick felt deep inside that Wayne was still alive and that he would find answers to his parents disappearance if he went to Chernarus, so Maverick set out and go to Chernarus in a helicopter. As Maverick was looking over Chernarus out of the helicopter he saw how rotten and dead the land appeared. During that time, Maverick noticed a beeping noise and realized his helicopter was rapidly descending to the ground. Maverick survived, but his pilot wasn't as fortunate. Now Maverick seeks out answers about the mysterious disappearance of Wayne and his dead parents.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): NO LINK Why the verdict is not fair: I am 14 turning 15 and you guys changed a rule to where the age does not matter I was wondering if I could join. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Change of Rule What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Join the server What could you have done better?: nothing
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