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  1. Benavides

    Official DayZ .62 Discussion Thread

    brings more immersion and a realistic feel to the game, however, its just another visual update that will get old in a week gotta wait for the mods
  2. They probably won't as they focus on campfire items, don't worry though pal. When Namalsk arrives, mods will already be here. Modders will handle the rest, I'm excited myself.
  3. what point are you looking for when you've got facts and evidence presented towards you pal?
  4. i honestly dont care what developers add or are working on (its all campfire, survival stuff anyway, no actual bug/gameplay fixes), mods is what this game needs, no excuse to not even be at the BETA stage after the money these boys got from all them million copies
  5. How would it improve roleplay if you are suggesting something that would restrict other people's roleplay? I couldn't care less as long as they can roleplay properly and follow the rules.
  6. oh boy endless hours spent on namalsk since it was released back then the roleplay can be decenton that map, even if its small.
  7. * Barrett listens to the transmissions carefully, he has a blank facial expression. * Barrett presses the PTT, he holds the radio with his right hand. You are late to the party pal, you dont abandon your soldiers and people and then just pop out of fucking nowhere. If you stand in my way, I'll stand in yours. * Barrett clears his throat, he finishes the rest of the transmission in Chernarussian. Violence is answered with violence. * Barrett releases the PTT.
  8. In full support of this, I don't see any cons apart from a bit of extra work from staff's side.
  9. Waiting for the mods, there's gotta be a mod that'll have that option locked. I personally raise it when I'm on PVP servers though.
  10. Would rather have a lore update than a wipe to be honest. It would be more interesting to read a big lore, as a new player, to see the numerous groups that were on the server and a had a huge impact in character before I joined the server. Also, by reading the previous responses, as in regards of a lore wipe allowing creativity, I honestly don't see what stops someone, right now, from creating a group with a great idea and concept behind it, instead of it being your casual bandit/survivor/hero/trader group. However, experiencing the breakout from the start and fearing the dead would be a good experience, but it would just return back to normal after a certain amount of time.
  11. Namalsk and Mods, modders will handle the rest.
  12. Sounds good, would bring some interesting interactions. However, this obviously cannot be forced upon groups, as each group has their own goals. This is something that needs to be set up between certain groups in character. (e.g a group of traders hiring another group for protection, etcetera etcetera)