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  1. Logan Robertson was born to a American father and a French mother in February of 2055. His grandfather, Nicholas Robertson, and father, Donny Robertson, were visiting Italy when the frenzied flu broke out. Because of the language barrier Nicholas, at the time 23, adopted a hermit lifestyle to protect his 3 year old son. Fifteen years later Donny, now eighteen, convinced his father to move farther north into Europe. Soon after entering what was once France the father and son found a 19 year old girl name Marie Dupont and after much convincing from Donny Nicholas invited her to join them. With mixture of no other options and genuine feelings Donny and Marie ended up together which brings us back to 2055 when Logan Robertson was born. Growing up he learned skills from all three members of his family, including: sewing, tinkering and firearms maintenance. In 2065 the small posse was attacked by bandits. During this attack Nicholas was killed while trying to fight and Marie was kidnapped never to be seen again. This incident started a growing dislike of bandits and others who preyed on the weak. In 2070 the father and son continued heading north and eventually reached Norway but soon after crossing the border while Logan and Donny were moving across a river Donny slipped and was almost washed away but Logan was able to pull him out. This incident led to the duo loosing nearly all their supplies. Three days later Donny would pass away from pneumonia. Logan now on his own continued moving north through Norway. Eventually in 2071 Logan reached northern Norway and looked down at a travel brochure he had found and say the name of the area, Nyheim. He let the brochure fall to the ground and continued moving north up the road.
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