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  1. Declan Nacon was born on the date of 29th of July 1995 in Manchester royal infirmary hospital at 10:54 am , He was born into a loving and caring family , He had a loving Dad Called Jerry and a Caring mum named Susie , He also had a sister Named Katelyn and a Brother named Connor and Younger Brother Tom which growing up with family members was a experience as they would all do everything with each other from playing games to just brothers and sister all going out and hanging around Manchester. When Declan was 15 he noticed that his sister had spend more time away from her brothers and with her new boyfriend and each brother had slowly drifted away into there own relationships. One day coming to the end of his high school experience he was taking to this girl named Lauren who liked him and they started to date , the love of his life... At the End of collage Declan had remembered the quote his dad said that "life is what you make of it , so live it how you want " so with this going in his mind he had got a part time job working at a local grocery shop which his brother Connor was also working in at this time and Sister Katelyn who was one of the managers with her boyfriend at the same shop. With that Quote that his dad said in mind Declan collected the money and began to save up to buy his first professional camera "Canon EOS 5D Mark IV" which he began to write his own blog as him and Lauren would travel round Manchester and take photos and upload to their blog which has getting a lot of media attention ... On the 1st of July around 4:28 am , The house phone rang and Jerry answered and was informed that his mother Katrina had died in her sleep due to old age and that that they had to fly from Manchester to Chernarus to go to the Black Mountains where Katrina had a private funeral on her estate where her house was located as she believed that the hills where a pure sign of nature. Jerry , Susie , Declan , Katelyn , Connor , Tom and Katelyn , Declan and Connors and Toms Partners which all bought 1st class tickets which had 2 weeks till return which was enough to plan the funeral and sell the estate and with no moment they packed their bags and left to Head for Chernarus... Once landing in Chernarus on the 2nd Of July , The family had all got of the plane and hopped into a Transit Bus which took them to the Black mountain hills, Jerry and Susie took the main bedroom of the Estate house whilst staying there , Declan and Lauren took the other master bedroom , Katelyn and her Boyfriend Tim took the medium room , Connors and Ella took a medium room and Tom and Charlotte took the last one , Whilst Jerry and Susie was planning the funeral and selling the estate with agents , Declan and Lauren when into town to take photos of the surroundings for there blog that was going world wide before heading back to the estate.... On the 5th night which was the 7th of July there was media attention going all over Chernarus that there was a military action which Russian military helicopters getting put all on twitter which reached Declan's phone in seconds of release, thinking it was nothing he ignored it and continued to get more photos for his blog , taking photos of the helicopters coming back and fourth with military men and checkpoints being set up all being posted to his blog... On the 11th of July someone in the local area trigger a mass alert which trigger all electrical items to have a message saying to stay in their home and lock the door as people where going on a mass rampage with biting and killing people and that officers who tried to help had been killed and military has had to get involved and the family had a week of food left in the house and decided to keep hidden till it all fell over and settled down till it was safe till get back home... On the 17th of July they had ran out of all food and that the military was struggling to hold the situation, The family decided that they should go down to the airfield and fly back to Manchester so the family packed all there bags which and left heading the airfield and they would deal with the house when it has all calmed down and secure, when taking the family mini bus down to the Topolniki they reached a military checkpoint which was unattended , Jerry hopped out to find someone who could open it but didn't find anyone so drove round , when arriving at the airfield it looked deserted but there was one last military checkpoint , Jerry pulled up and him and Susie hopped out to go speak to get through and was ambushed by infected people who bit them on the neck and torso, Declan, Lauren , Katelyn , Tim , Connor , Ella , Tom and Charlotte Ditched there bags and Ran away leaving their mum and Dad out of fear and ran , being chased by some infected people , they all split up Declan ran one way losing sight of Lauren as she ran behind some trees, Connor and Ella Ran together another way Katelyn and Tim ran one way together Tom ran far behind realizing They all split up Ran heading the way Declan went Charlotte Ran away Thinking Tom was Behind her Around 1 hour from that situation Declan hid in the Trees trying to text His family members and made a group chat with them all in Waiting for the text reply before being the infected started to close in causing him to run more away....