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  1. Ronnie Fletcher was a talk show host back in the day, he moved to Chernarus to try to get stories and information about what he heard happened in Severograd all the rumors thought he could get one big story. He resigned in Chernarus and was hoping to get back to Canada after failing to get little to no pieces of information from officials until all hell broke loose no hope, Ronnie in a slump of depression tries to do something good for a change hope for a better future and get out of the city he packed up everything in his pockets he could hold and left.
  2. A great first day on dayzrp spent to much time on, about 6-8 a long session, feels great to be on I love this community. Thanks everyone for making such a good first experience.
  3. As a kid Frank was raised by his parents and had a pretty normal childhood Frank never really stuck out to any of the kids he went to school with he had friends but Frank didn't see them as friends just someone to talk to Frank spent most of his days coming home and playing video games. His parents didn't really approve of this so they forced him to do something meaningful they wanted him to try some type of sports so frank picked the most interesting thing he could find wrestling. Frank wrestled for about 2 years and actually enjoyed it surprisingly he partook in camaraderie and making actual friends. Frank graduated and applied to college got accepted, his first year of college went pretty good he enjoyed living on his own fell in love and made a couple friends that summer frank decided to take a trip to Chernarus where his parents met right as he got there the outbreak hit hard trying to get in contact with anyone he failed Frank is left in Chernarus with no idea what to do civilization is lost and all hope is lost for Franks next plan of action is to try to find some way to get out of this hell hole, its only up hill from here.
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