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  1. Hi all I have returned from a very long absence due to RL stuff , but now have some free time so thought i would give DayZRP a go again as i did leave at the time it changed to SA . Kind Regards all.
  2. Is it to late to come back ?? been a while for me i was in DayZRP when it was in Arma 2 before it went over to SA which was when i left for RL reasons . Hope i am not to late ?
  3. Just 1 question , i havnt played Vanilla Arma 2 Dayz or Arma 3 Dayz for a very long time and actually uninstalled them ,but was wondering is it difficult to D/L the mods for them ??? as i did have some trouble getting things to work especially A3. Kind Regards
  4. Not disagreeing with you , like i said i just heard about the drama and saw the amount of people and clans disappear i didn't get involved as i wanted to stay out of that and just play the game , but with some of the changes it hasn't become fun anymore and RP seems to take a back seat to PVP . Maybe switching to Arma 3 or at least a new map might spice things up , Epoch may be a good idea i don't know i play normal Epoch on PVE servers with missions so people can work as a group without worrying about being killed in pvp. But i will still log in now and again get some stuff and see what happens.
  5. I am going to leave FM as well i am also not as active as i would like be for a clan . I will roam around a bit on my own and hopefully the drama stops and the community starts to recover. And being honest i have stayed out and away from the drama i have only heard about it , some of the changes to medical spawns is also a let down , but i don't control the servers.
  6. Another one leaves there seems to be a pattern here. Good luck hope all goes well , again your someone i may not have met and feel its another opportunity missed.
  7. Sad to see another person go and for very valid reasons that i agree with . Take care , even though i didn't know you and missed the chance to meet you.
  8. You just answered your own question and actually confirmed other peoples fears , people still break the rules with what we have in place now and yet you want to take away the best proof of rule breaking and say "lets use trust" . There is nothing stopping someone sitting in a tree line with a sniper and shooting you from 500 meters away and whether your recording or not you wont know who it is without logs. I agree with a lot of people it is a start but it is no where near what would be needed for DayZRP and Rolle has already stated the most important of those. The other issue is as they say in the post it can take a max of 40 at the time of the post , i really hope that changes to a far higher figure. With no access to the files there wont be any settlements that could be added for the purpose of the RP mod. For those that will be all hurt about this then maybe there will be an SARP server but just for fun rather than replacing what we have now. This mod in my opinion gets better with each update the staff do and going to SA would be a major step backwards . But i hope it gets better
  9. R.I.P , he was one of my favorites loved his comedy and his movies. So much talent in just 1 person .
  10. Congrats Derek all the best for your additions and good luck
  11. Nice work with the series it is great , love seeing every episode and cant wait for the new ones .
  12. So many other clans have been able to host great settlements where you can do your damn trading without these rules protecting them, why cant CTC host it without it then? I would like to point out to you that if those settlements were so great as you said then why did they go ??? and usually in a very short time. Because the people running it got sick and tired of being attacked or the usual "drop weps 10 secs" nearly every hour of the day. I was at Altar castle 1 day and within an hour the castle was attacked 3 times by 3 different groups , and no one ended up going there and people gave up trying to defend it , even lone survivors were doing it . For those running the settlements it is hard work and can be totally debilitating to your game play coz you have to be there the whole time your on , also there were a lot of reports of KOS and was due to mis-identifying targets and people would get frustrated and also those running the settlements used to get a lot of hate. I also agree with Tomeran he just said it in more detail than what i did.
  13. I really dont see why people just continue with this , the simple answer is if you dont like the TP then dont go to it , no one is forced at gunpoint or knife point or any point to go to the TP . The TP is not there for you to change the way you play it was put there as a respite for some people when you need it. To me it seems that more and more people are just getting to much into wanting to attack everything and the way some talk they would be happy if kos was allowed. This is about RP not about gloating how many players you killed its about living a story and playing your part in a big movie scene being run 24 hrs a day. Sorry for rant
  14. I like the idea of this , hope it all goes well.
  15. Ok people seem to have missed the point and it is simply to RP all he was trying to do was RP and make something that he hoped would make for good RP , but if ya dont want to do it then dont . I RP,d with Nick for several hours and all we did was talk about the disease/virus as we were running around finding supplies . Now all i am saying is that i try when on server to make every contact as much RP as i can especially with a patient i try to do as much as i can . But that's me i like to have a chat .
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