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  1. Benson Wylde POV- Me and my group were leaving Vybor but one of us spotted someone so we turned around and started jogging towards him, guns lowered. As we approached this person he began to act sporadic and started calling us "sketchy" so with zero hostility we left the area, they started following us we didn't think anything of it and we began walking towards Stary Sobor we met up with a guy named "Donnie" we told him to follow us to the church and he did with no retaliation so we never showed any hostility towards him either. We entered the church and about 30 seconds later someone approaches and tells us to come out with our hands up. We said no and they opened fire on us and killed our friend Luke. After about 2 hours of nonstop talking and shooting I went behind a coffin to get a counter position on a sniper. I see that one of them "crashed" and didn't take a shot on him because that's not how I play. I thought they might return the favor, but they didn't, my game crashed and I was shot in the head.
  2. Benson Wylde- I'm not sure what you mean by unnecessary OOC the only time I talked in OOC was when I said '//Sorry didn't mean to say that'. I'm not gonna file a report but I'm pretty sure your guys came back not ours...