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  1. David Battenburg was born on August 29th 1943, in Nottingham, England and became a prominent noted naturalist. After studying the natural sciences at the University of Nottingham, he began his career as a producer at ITV and worked his way up to director of programming. During his tenure the station crossed over to color television, and Battenburg was instrumental in expanding its natural history content. Battenburg left ITV to begin writing and producing various series, including the smash hit 1954 classic “Deers, how they work?”, which raised the bar in terms of modern nature documentaries. Battenburg has since written, produced, hosted and narrated countless award-winning nature-focused programs and his devoted his life to celebrating and preserving wildlife and continues to this day. Currently Mr Battenburg is en route to the Czech Republic for filming of his highly anticipated documentary “The Wandering of Wolves”.