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  1. So I managed to fry my GPU. Now running on my old GT220, I will not be able to run DayZ until further notice. The engine does not support the GPU as it seems.
  2. Felix... are you still here? [Private]

    *Thomas presses the PTT.* "The doctors left you alone? God dammit... where did they leave you?" *He stops talking, releasing the PTT.*
  3. Felix's Journeys (Pro psychopath RP videos)

    oh my fucking accent... how did you understand what i said
  4. Felix... are you still here? [Private]

    *Thomas, sitting somewhere, instantly whooshes his hand up to his radio, wrapping around it gently before he does a move upwards to detach it from his vest. Hs index finger moving off th mic, and his tumbh being placed on the PTT Button, he'd press it down before his lips gently proceed to speak in a somewhat hasty manner.* "Timmy? Timmy, that you? I... Sorry... I passed out on the way and... when I woke up you were all gone... Where are you?" *He stops talking, releasing the PTT.*
  5. Community TS Meeting #2 21/5/17 @19:00

    I'll try to attend. Gonn' be interesting, for sure.
  6. Light does not conquer all, instead everything is an illusion, the truth is the greed of humanity destroying the light.

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      I'll cure you for your edge young one, I'll cleanse puberty out of you and make a decent (ger)man out of you !

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  7. nice profile, m8.

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      thanks m8, likewise

  8. @Oliv. Keep the whole interview thing up, maybe make them more freuqent if possible :3 they are hella interesting and nice to read.
  9. Nice read tbh. Oho, someone coming from the capital of weed and prostitutes O: (jk)
  10. Help me, i am scared. [OPEN]

    *Thomas moves his hand up to his radio, pressing the PTT Button once again, to talk. This time, his young voice is calming, as if he tries to calm the girl down* "Oh... well, there was something but... it was not your fault. You panicked, you know? And, well... I am not directly with them. I mean, of course, I was present, but I am not one of them. I merely visited a friend of mine when it all happened. I know, I should have stopped you from shooting, but... It was too fast. Sorry... I really hope we can meet again, so I can personally apologise... Ask Felix to properly explain you what happened, you deserve to know what happened. *He lowers the hand once again, waiting for an answer.*
  11. Help me, i am scared. [OPEN]

    *Thomas barely hears the voice, but he gets enough to understand what Timmy is saying. He shortly raises his right hand to the collar of his vest, pressing down the PTT Button.* "Thomas speaking. Did he give any reason why...?" *He lowers the radio shortly after, waiting for a answer.*
  12. Character Page Notification

    Bumping this up because I really want it added, also people seem to like it too
  13. I usually RP playing guitar while sitting my ass off at the 101 camp waiting for people to pass by, if I am not at a camp then I usually go and scout out other encampments and try to find people at the places people usually are, usually with success. If you really never find anyone, PM someone (such as me) and arrange and IC Meeting
  14. Help me, i am scared. [OPEN]

    *Thomas places himself down between the not closer specified genderless trees, before he proceeds to take off his backpack, putting it behind himself for future use as a pillow. He then proceeds to take off his vaest, placing it next to hmself, and removes the yellow, folden rain-trenchcoat attached to the back of the backpack, using it to form an improvised tent. He then removes the radio from the vest's collar, placing it in front of him, pressing the PTT button, before speaking up.* [The male voice appears to be calm, yet tired.] "That way, nobody would know anyone, as everyone is a stranger in the start, especially with today's population, old man. Isn't it what you try to teach us in school and kindergarten, to socialise? Talk to each other instead of shooting? In this case, it was a child talking to another child - I am a child myself, shouldn't you have noticed. Yet I do talk to strangers, and it makes me feel well. I am alive, healthy, and kicking. What's wrong with someone being concerned about his friend?" *He then releases the button, removing one of his many apples from the bag, thanking Kristof for giving them to him earlier, and bites into the red piece of fruit.*