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  1. @SmartyyZ - Was interesting, one of the first characters i have come across that was role played like he was, props to you man, enjoyed it a bunch, see you round !
  2. Dimitri had a bit of an unbalanced upbringing with his mother of which whom had died in an accident including the gangland of Ukraine, being caught up in a shooting she died in hospital, cause of death, bullet wound, the rivalling gangs who were trading insults from the inside of a fast food store and the car park through the window turned nasty very quickly, the gang in the car park pulled a pistol on those inside the restaurant opening fire taking Dimitri's mother in the process. His father become abusive, developing an alcohol and drug addiction Dimitri decided to leave home and stay with his friends, of whom were also gang members, they had talked him into joining them ... and for him to become accepted he had to do exactly what got his mother killed, a run and gun on their rivalling members, whilst carrying this out he'd grown to enjoy, embrace and accept that the violent and dangerous life was for him ! seeing as it would bring high reward with a high and adrenaline filled risk. the gang life changed him, from a nobody to someone who was called apon when anothers life needed to come to an end, before all of the outbreak he'd made a name for himself, he was finally something, people would go to him for help, protection and advice, from the bottom of the pack he grew, rose in the ranks, faster than anyone before. Dimitri had found himself at the top, people began calling him Поставщик (Postavshchik) meaning the deliverer and that being delivered was almost certainly death. The life he had succumbed too landed him a bit of time in prison, and got himself a name for the law enforcement he was known, and seen to be one of the most dangerous gangsters of his time. He wouldn't back down untill either the unlucky soul he had targeted was dead or if worse came to worse if Dimitri fell himself. All of this is what created the confused yet mentally stable Dimitri Klitchz that would wonder the wastelands today in seek of enlightenment and something to give him that same buzz he would feel when he was leading his gang members in the past.
  3. The server went down about an hour ago and is now inaccessible all i really know is something about a DDOS earlier on the TS or something along the lines of that. If anyone knows or could give me an idea of around what time the server would be back up that would be great