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  1. Glenn Green moved over to Chernarus from the United Kingdom when he was just a child. Glenn was very passionate about vehicles and repairing them which led him on to his proffesion, being a mechanic. Glenn and his family lived in a small Eastern village called Dubrovka, the village contained a small amount of residents who all contributed to the village's economy and appearance. In late 2014 when Glenn was 18 he had to return a vehicle to it's customer in Zelenogorsk, Glenn had heard the authorities speaking about a disease that had sparked in the Western villages such as Zelenogorsk however he took no notice and continued with his job. Soon he encountered military personell who demanded him to leave the destination, they claimed that the disease was beginning to get out of hand and had spread to other villages such as Myskino and other small towns. The officer continued to speak about safety precautions and how Glenn should be prepared incase the disease were to spread over Chernarus. After hearing the horrific news Glenn turned around the vehicle and headed home. Driving back Glenn saw various people with and extensive amount of gear and weaponry, bearing in mind these people were only civilians waiting for the disease to take over. Time had passed, Glenn was at home with his family and explained what he had witnessed and what the future could hold, his family took considerable notice and continued to bed. A few days later on the 11th of October, reports came in saying that the prime minister had declared a state of emergency and had requested reinforcments from military alliances. Civilians were told to stay indoors and keep safe until it was safe to do so. Glenn reflected on the Officer's words and the civilians with gear and disobeyed the commands, he demanded his family to grab all the vital belongings and to head to his truck. This action attracted the residents attention, many were looking out of their windows with a concerned look at Glenn and his family but they continued to load the truck until they were ready to leave. They drove for hours, along small backroads, empty highways until they were lost, Glenn and his family were terrified as darkness came. They slept in the truck until light arose, when Glenn awoke his family were gone, the backdoors wide open, clothes and gear scattered all over the road. He opened the door and found a note on the ground saying "Your plan was Sketchy"