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"Wonder what the Boss is up to"

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  1. Fucking Queue is worse than the DMV line down in Puerto Rico these days

  2. I really need to stop playing TTT on Pavlov until 4am on a workday 

  3. The Divine himself has risen him from the grave! Praise be!!!

  4. Another night in South Zagoria


  5. He walks with the Divine himself now, Under his Eye

    R.I.P. Mr James

  6. Wonder when that one report will get solved

    1. Phoenix


      Whenever we get around to it

  7. It’s friday and payday, it bout to get lit 

  8. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war

  9. I wanna put something here

    1. Mugin


      Good shit

  10. Under his eye!

  11. Under his eye!

  12. On the road again

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