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  1. Travelling to Kabanino I find a fellow sitting on the road, he tells me he is waiting for someone and we talk for a bit, we decide to travel and we end up in the airfield, I tell him that if shit hits the fan Im out of there, we meet 2 other groups of 2, the guy I was with starts some shit and knocks another guy out, everyone gets nervous and we all start backing up. By this time I have to go to the bathroom real bad so I tell everyone and they tell me to just go. I log off and when I return I find the guy I was with dead. I decide to loot the airfield a bit when I find one of the groups and we talk for a bit. We decide to head up to Camp 101 and trade, they ended up being some cannibals and the RP was quite awesome can't complain. I BS my way out of being eaten and they let me go to "Spread the word". I do just that running into a random traveller on the road. I start RPing that im paranoid, there are cannibals around and we have to run, so we do heading to the forest where we find an empty tent. We hide in the tent and I explain everything that happened. To which he replies "I have a secret, I want to eat you to" I bolt out of the tent and get sprayed down. Bit salty as I got out of a very awesome situation to run into someone that just wanted an easy kill.
  2. Yampa

    Calling out to Dr. Hope [Open]

    *Pablo picks up his radio* Looks like you can only make enemies "my friend", in due time you will get what you deserve *Pablo puts away his radio*
  3. Yampa

    Calling out to Dr. Hope [Open]

    *Pablo listens the radio go off again, the voice of that man he thought he could trust, he grabs the radio and presses the PTT* You almost sound concern, if only I didn't know better maybe I would even believe you are concern. I hope that whatever is wrong gets worse, the world would surely do better without the likes of you. *Pablo lowers the radio and a "Hijo de Puta" could be heard before he released the PTT*
  4. Yampa

    Calling out to Dr. Hope [Open]

    *Pablo recognizing the voice of the man pleading for help picks up his radio and presses the PTT* I hope you don't find this doctor, you deserve nothing but the pain and suffering you preach about. *Releases the PTT and continues sorting out his inventory scratching his back where the W that was carved into his back ends*
  5. Pretty interesting how you guys RP'ed all that, don't mind me saying I don't want to see your faces anytime soon though. Don't know who they where, wouldn't give their names either way, wouldn't want to spoil the "fun" for their next "friend" all I have to say is, there a more than zombies to worry about in the apocalypse, talk is there is Demons walking among us as well.