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  1. My name is Christian E. Montana, the year was 2001, I was forced into Norwegian exile by the UK government for attemptting to ignite the flame that would overthrow the capitalist scum. The cold Norwegian nights didn't treat me well, but i would grow to enjoy them. I would ultimatley meet up with my brother Seppo in chernarus as my second brother Jack still had to clean up after the mess i had made back in the UK. I would come to enjoy nature and interacting with the wildlife as it was far different from the streets of London, the quiet and peaceful nature would help me forget the rash and extreme actions wich had become second nature in The United Kingdom. My brother Seppo would later contact me, speaking of an oppertunity over in Chernarus, i would contemplate this for a long time believing it was a waste of time, but in the end i was set on redeeming myself and the actions i had preformed in my past. Chernarus would become a big part of our lives, as we often got drunk with the locals and brought them supplies to help them stay alive, it was sad to see all our help go to waste when the infection broke out, all that work into ashes. In the middle of the outbreak we would finaly meet up with our brother Jack and would take on Chernarus by storm! The Red was a nickname i would gain under the revolution in the United Kingdom, it would gain the name because of my short temper when it came to the capitalist population of London, i would often go to the extreme to ensure that my government coup would be successful. We would often preform executions of the capitalist and spread the message as a form of propoganda for my cause, hence the "Red".