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    My character is Jack Montana, an ex British SAS member whom came to Chernarus shortly after the outbreak occurred. He got into Chernarus through the help of his contacts inside the British embassy who flew him over in the cover of dark with the UN soliders. However, he did not stick with them, instead he went his own way, to complete his own personal mission. His reason behind going to Chernarus? That is simple, his brothers Seppo Montana and Christian Montana were stranded in Chernarus as they wanted to experience the world and to understand the people of Chernarus way of life; drinking vodka with the locals to helping building schools and bringing supplies to the poor. Jack is a family man, he is kind, understanding and believes in the good will of humanity. However, he always puts his friends and family first and will stop at nothing to keep them safe. If and when Jack finds his missing brothers, he plans for them all to help the survivors of Chernarus survive through the infection and to rid Chernarus of the evil that has fallen upon it.