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  1. I will write this later on thank you very much because i need to think it and i just wanna have this saved for now thank you
  2. Washed up traveler of the world.
  3. kala

    Oyface's Media Things™

    You really like them zombies huh
  4. It's done.

    1. Hassan


      wtf is this

    2. kala


      Don't you see?

    3. bunny


      i appreaciate your profile, unlike hassan who hates koreans


  5. kala

    • kala
    • Dom

    Is this the "I want to be like Pado" profile?

    1. Dom



    2. Hebee


      Honestly make the Chinese Empire great again

    3. Dom


      @Pado actually hates anime.

    4. Princess Pado

      Princess Pado


  6. kala

    Coolest thing you've done in DayZRP

    IC: Getting admins to bring out jets and tanks to fight SKA in ravens nest.
  7. Enigma is slow ricecooker.

    1. Hassan


      Woah there.

    2. Enigma



  8. kala

    S1: Invalid KoS - 03/05/2017 20:15

    Ilia Mishin POV: I was looting test when they initiated on h1ber and followed little behind, we went to the brown barn and while they talked to the hostage me and randle were cooking meat. Then we saw some dude sneaking up on the barn and shortly after that shots were fired.
  9. *Pulls out hes newly found radio, which looks to be in much better shape than he's previous one* "Oh shit Dom! Yeah we will have to meet and catch up on things.. I'm so lost with the current times." *Takes a moment to speak again* "When and where do you want to meet?" *Puts the radio away and waits for reply*
  10. *Fiddles with old busted radio and barely gets it to work* "Heeeyyy it's me, Diesel. Anyone out there who still remembers me?" *Stops transmitting for a minute to think what else to say* "But yeah, if there's someone who still remembers me.. please contact me somehow" *Stops transmitting and tosses the broken radio away*
  11. kala

    Server Reset?

    tbh, i wouldn't mind a wipe.. but it's just me.
  12. kala

    Help in regards to the BasilMod Ravens

    Basil Mod is not installed on the server.
  13. There is a tree script running, removing all the trees that are under 10 quality, skillcap is 1000. Also animals arent working due to halloween patch is breaks new servers
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