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  1. I've added a couple of friends that I've now play on other games. I just got my paycheck yesterday and have enough left over to be able to buy counter strike now so I can start playing with them again. And one of my friends I play league of legends with as well as I play dayz with occasionally (pvp purposes, not rp) I hope that shows further evidence of honesty let me know if theirs anything else I can do.
  2. Haven't really gotten around to adding everyone back since theirs no incentive to coming on steam to start up dayz or other games since I haven't been able to buy any. But if you would like I can add all my friends just to show. Give me the rest of today and I'll get some friends then if that would help.
  3. All accounts have to start somewhere and I'm sorry my account is brand new and the first thing i did was to sign up for dayz sa before i start playing again, like i said im willing to do what it takes to prove that i can be a great member of the community and i promise you wont hear any issues from me. I'm really worried that i wont get in cause this is truly the one good rp server on dayz. I'm sorry if i'm making this hard to investigate me and i understand how suspicious this looks and I can appreciate the concern. But I'm sure that you have had people (not previously banned people) made an steam account and then bought dayz and signed up purely to play on your server, and I'm sure that you guys don't turn people away that are in this situation all the time because that is ridiculous by anyone's standards. Like I've said you guys just need to say what i can to do to get into this server and prove I'm just a person trying to get in and have an amazing rp experience on a game that is designed just for that. Please let me know what I can do for you.
  4. Again that was our family account and the gta 5 I was a part of a role play community on Xbox 360 a Long time ago I merely mentioned just to give you an idea I have roleplayed In a sense before. And my sister is literally 11 she doesn't need to make friends on the internet with strangers and have put up safety guard to block her from a lot of nasty people on her games that target young children like her. And all the m rated games we have removed all together on their as well as my friends. But I'm telling you that was our families account. Idk about you or how the world works but my baby sister ain't going to be playing these adult games and if you had play gta 5 I believe anyone with a right mind wouldn't either. I have offered to show anything and everything to prove but I need to know what I can do. I really hope we can get this worked out and come to an understanding if you want to talk in person, I'm done with college for the day and heading home. I'm really am looking to join your community and I'm sure people have joined your community with new steam accounts that they got within same month or week. but you guys need to tell me what I can do to show that I'm speaking truth and not trying to harm this wonderful community.
  5. Here is the link- http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198139432342 I even friended her just to show its not some random dude. as you can their is a quite of a variety of games just not dayz sa since that has been removed. let me know if you guys need anything else or if you still think I'm not being honest I be happy to provide any more evidence of anything else you need just ask! and again thanks for your patience.
  6. Alright give me bout 3 hours still at my class lecture. I will be able head to home and see the new link she made. Thank you for your patience.
  7. Please let me know if theirs anything I can do to help prove I'm here for serious rp. I can provide a receipt as well as other proof if needed of my computer being new as well as a link to my families steam but now that my brother and I has our own computer, our little sister uses it for video games now but to give you guys a heads up we perma deleted dayz for she's too young to be playing this game and our parents wanted it removed hence why if you do want a link to her/family account you don't see dayz anymore. if you would like I can still provide a link to that profile if you wish amongst anything else you guys need for you guys to see. After reading a lot of other appeals revolving around "suspicious account" trying to get around perma bans, I completely understand the reasoning of why my account seems suspicious. I appreciate you guys having this amount of security to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone in it
  8. I believe it's public now. I guess it wasn't viewable cause it wasn't set up yet. Like I said new account.
  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/index.php?app=whitelist (this is the source of punishment sorry if I got it wrong) Why the verdict is not fair: Just got this new pc to play dayz on a new level in terms of visual (and for other games too) rather then my crappy laptop I used to play on. Idk why but if you guys need anything to help undo this I'd be happy too comply Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Idk why I would get blacklisted. My steam account is new. I guess that could be a little suspicious. I used to use my older brothers steam account on my laptop for dayz. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Would really like to join this community on a good note if possible lol What could you have done better?: maybe tell you about my new steam....maybe idk. Wouldn't think I would have to disclose that.