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  1. Abadon

    S1 | Attempted RDM, Invalid Kill & Combat Logging | Stary Sobor | 21:51 20/11/17

    Hi Jade, Yes I was on the hill that leads to kabanino. I met the man when i was looking into the city there. Hope that helps
  2. Abadon

    S1 | Attempted RDM, Invalid Kill & Combat Logging | Stary Sobor | 21:51 20/11/17

    Hi, To answer: For Ts last night. I was called on TS by Jade after the event and came to chat this up with good faith. I explained in details for 15 min then ask to go to bed being nearly midnight in my country and the people in TS said ok and wished me good night. I don t understand the level of anger and insults here. As i explained i was with the market people in town namely ton, edison, raff and actually RP with them for quiet some time specially since they knew a friend of mine in town a few days ago (also a merchant). I told edison before leaving town that something was wrong with the group that were coming up and he and the other merchant said yes weapon outs. I replied that i will go up the hill to cover them as my character is chaotic good. Up the hill i met someone in the bush named devlo i believe and he told me he is also friend with the merchant and Edison. We look in town and then i heard the guy next to me saying omg one guy at the bus stop is opening fire. I see that there is a dead body yellow raincoat and that edison is lifting his arms up therefore i took a shot. As i think its over i see that a guy behind edison is aiming and i m hearing a shot plus the guy next to me sayin it comes from the bottom guy with orange armbend. As for me it was clearly part of the initiation against the people at the bus stop and edison i took a last shot. So I trust the game master in their kudgment but i was within 500 radius, actually RP and liaise with the merchant and edison and clearly (until i learned there was a glitch) v been initiatied on. My mistake: i vouch guilty for mishoting and hitting edison that was not on purpose. I hope this clarifies it. Let me know if you need more details Abadon
  3. Breath... Breath... Wake up.. WAKE UP!!! As Tony opens his eyes, bright shiny lights tangle in front of him. A shadow is foreseen, it's a man. Tony does not know him, he thinks.... he can't remember. A vivid pain hurt the back of his head. As the stranger pull Tony out of bed, Tony realises that he seems to be in an hospital. But it's too dark, too filthy. Something's definitly wrong. The stranger keeps pushing him toward the exit. As they are about to get out, some infected jump on the stranger. Tony does not comprehend who or what is that thing. The next thing he knows he is running. Running for answers, running for his life. "Who am I"?
  4. Ok I have updated it accordingly. Thx strawberry!
  5. Oh sorry i did not see the template Strawberry as I looked at temporary ban as you suggested. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Not no value for life + banned since May 2017 Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: copy pasting here my last communication in may 2017 The story : Me, Valentine, Denis, Hank, Ming and a few others peoples where in stary where the savior or new name came as always insulting everyone when we tried to RP simply by saying " hi what's your name'. It seems that's pretty much as they do it and justify their actions. Since we know the story and they usually do that to piss people off then chase them out of the city we decided to leave as this is pretty much what they always do. so we went south with all the people i mentioned above running. then more people came behind me but 11 seems incorrect, in town they were 4 then behind us probably 6 7 and we had no possibility to know who's who. So we decided to leave and run and they start initiated but since i was not alone i did not comply, got shoot out, went on the floor and shot two rounds of shotgun (no idea i actually killed someone). So this is pretty much it, feel free to contact the other persons and look at the log and the entire log not only the part the guy posted online but the WHOLE event and you will see. Word of the end i know some of them contributes to dayzrp and think they are untouchable but clearly abusing the rules by insulting everyone then saying they were 11 vs 1 where it's clearly wrong and the log can prove it then crying about it as I dare to shot 2 rounds and defend myself on top that 3 of my collegues were behind me with sniper, svd, mosin and mp5.... I always respect the rules, was not in 1vs 4 no care for life type of situation and maybe the fact that I actually kill one of them after they were shooting at me will teach them a lesson that they are not untouchable and yes 4 peoples even against 7 or 11 as they presumably pretend will defend themselves What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Relase the temporary ban on going since May 2017 What could you have done better?: Initiation could have been done better and escalation was not needed.
  6. Server and location: S1 1er floor blue house stary sobor last one next to the road Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 23.00 Your in game name: Rick Redfield Names of allies involved: 0 Name of suspect/s: Kevin Tm Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): no idea i guess a group Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): no Detailed description of the events: (had a chat with Jade and Boston on TS, they brought Kevin, he explained that they were having a fight in the city and initiated on my building by talking.) I log in the street 10 min before the event. went into the house next to it upstaire to have a call IRL. Came back heard gun shot so stayed in the house first floor and close the door. I was hiding in the building, not part of any fight I was crushing down weapon out but not moving. Had not touch my keyboard or house for the past 10 min since gunshot. I heard NO MESSAGE NOR READ ANYTHING ON THE CHAT. This was abuse of power as they KOS me. Proper safegard/measure like talking / writing in the chat could have been taken by the killer. Especially since i was not posing any threat and had not move at all nor speak and was not aiming with a weapon and was just croushing in a corner of a room. Saying i'v initiated is not enough insurance to KOS someone. For starter I did not hear anything so the person could have been talking in TS and not in game. And second writing in game, or talking again could have been done since i did not touch the keyboard nor the mouse and was not posing any threat not even aiming with a weapon. Please consider my request as I lost all day looking for gear and making my way up from the coast and I am sick of getting KOS, I never reported and this is a first but KOS can no longer be tolerated. thank you very much for your consideration. Abadon
  7. Hi everyone, Looking to join or form a new group with people. Affiliation open neutral / hero i am guessing. Let me know if I or this interest you ! Please find below the summary IGN: (In - Game Name) Abadon Country: France / luxembourg / UK English skills: Fluent (new york bar lawyer) DayZ Mod Experience: a little arma 2 DayZ Standalone Experience: around 180h on this account and another hundred in my previous one. Roleplaying Experience: D&D, warhammer and dayz standolone. A few years all. What kind of In Game role best describes you: hero / vigilante / survivor Have you been in any clan/group previously:no Additional notes: don't shoot i'm friendly ! Best way to contact you: message Backstory: In 2008 after obtaining his license as an attorney at law in the state of New York US, Abadon, a tall serious dark haired native french, came to Chernarus to handle immigration policies, between the aforementioned countries. At the time, he worked mostly between the US, Russia, Chernarus and France. Abadon always appreciated travels, valued strong commitments and enjoyed military corp, his father being a general in the french foreign legion. Being acquainted with all regulatory aspects of immigration and arms dealing, Abadon found in the chaotic situation of the civil war and its aftermath a business opportunity, working for both sides as well as the UN and exploiting legal loopholes. He provided the means for Chernarus to access not only to medical and food supplies but also became known for his knowledge of smuggling weapons and ammunitions through the state. As he often mentionned : *In a state of total war, there is always one thing that is needed : bullets. And as long as you can provide them, nobody will blame you because nobody is looking for someone to blame' Abadon assured himself a comfortable yet critizable standard of life, living for his mistresses: the law and the arm's dealing business. Through his growing business, Abadon started to use what he was selling and put in practice his dad's teaching. He became familiar with shooting range and rapidly rise as one of the finest sharpshooter Chernarus could offer. Being a lawyer, his hability to handle a rifle and with a few stories he became known as *Verdict*. When the outbreak happened, Abadon was able to flee from the city with a few of his comrades and managed to arrive from the west Padlovo trying to reach the coast in order to find a boat to escape by sea. However, his group encountered on the road south a huge horde which led them to barricade themselves for hours fighting the infected with everything they had. After two days and 13 hours, Abadon and the last of his group were running low on water and supplies and decided to take their chance.. His acolyte Rick was overwhelmed by the infected but Abadon found himself a window and miraculously escaped even if bitten in the process. After a few hours without symptom he reached the coast only to find that all the boats have been destroyed and managed to find a medkit to desinfect and close his wound, leaving him in a fairly good shape. Interpreting this as a second chance, he wishes from now on to right his wrongs and find other survivors like him, the so-called 'immunes'. For him, this is a fresh start... looking forward to play with you all cheers Abadon
  8. Jamie hello to you too, pretty sick avatar I have to admit. Hebee I see what you did there... Saunders hi there !
  9. Abadon

    • Abadon
    • Buddy

    Hey Buddy,
    Here is my application as promised.
    Your IG Name and what are you interested in learning about (Hostile RP, Survivor RP or Hero RP)?: 
    I am interested in all RP with an incentive for hero and survivor but can also endorse the role of a massive serial killer to avenge my people ! So i would say... All ? ^^
    What Timezone are you from and what time's do you usually play? 
    Im in europe between luxembourg and london so Paris central time. I usually play the evenings  and the week ends.
    How were you directed to the Mentors thread (Word to- mouth, friends, report verdict, forums)? 
    By Darra ! 
    If you had to judge yourself and your Roleplay. What do you say you do best and what do you lack? 

    By the past people told me that i could really adapt to any situation like a chameleon, that i m very sociable and have high empathy and imagination which allow me to take pretty much any role. I can be strict and handle stressful situations calmly and I am very rational which allow me to interract easily with other players without being taken for a fool. 

    As my character, I know how to handle a rifle ;)

    I guess I might lack patience from time to time specially if its 2 am ^^ 

    last but not least i would like to try all types of RP because I believe it would be fun and I ll learn more. 

    Thanks for considering my application,



    1. Buddy


      Thanks to you, I can now say that someone has submitted their mentor app directly to my profile.. this is beautiful thank you so much xDxDxDxD

      I've forwarded your app to the full team, you'll be receiving a PM from one of us soon as everyone has had a chance to review it to find the best suited mentor for your needs ;) 

    2. Abadon


      Works for me ! 

  10. Oh ok ! Mea culpa, I thought I was being blind and couldn't find it... Thanks again and I ll see you soon. Have a good night all ! Or a good day..
  11. Fair enough ! And where can i find the adress etc for the server S2 ? Thanks again
  12. Thanks buddy i just got whitelisted ! Quick question i am seeing one server on the homepage is there more ? And if when where and which one should i pick ? Going to apply tomorrow to the mentee program its getting late here in europe ^^
  13. Samaritan, Buddy, Ramon, greetings. I am already starting to like this community ! And yes I have been checking the various threads thank you again. Once whitelisted I'll apply to a mentee program. I am hesitating between which RP I should endorse. I am guessing based on my character background the green or blue one. Blue seems neutral and green more hero orientated. Also as for the settlements and factions I am unsure how to join one and whether I should. These guys seems to be pretty tense with the other factions ^^. I have a question though, do you usually speak directly in the game or try to group with people before hand and go to a special channel on TS or even skype? And don't forget: the night is dark and full of terrors but playing without changing the gamma is more RP and immersive
  14. Hi Pontiff ! Will have a look ! Thanks
  15. Hi Pontiff ! Is your avatar from the serie Preacher ? I thought I was the only one who enjoyed it.