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  1. A Student that grew up in Seattle, USA that one night heard screaming from the outside of his house which woke him up and saw some bloody corpse from the outside. not knowing what to do he freaks out and tries to get out of the room but the door is locked. suddenly a zombie breaks through a window but he doesn't have anything to protect himself except for a plastic ruler so he had to break it in half then stabbed the zombie in the skull he ran to the living room after jumping out of a window and land into some bushes only to find his parents dead, they comitted suicide to escape the undead to escape a fate worse than death. so Seth ran as far as he can, he ran from his inevitable death, every day is a day closer to his death but he sometimes he escapes it and defies fate, one day he forms a group of 6 with his classmates and neighbors but they're all dead after being held up and shot but some how Seth lived by hiding in a mass grave while the bandits were ready to kill him but got into and argument and seth took a chance and escaped. he tried to get out of Seattle and tried to fly over to with some people he met to europe but crashed in chernarus but none of the people he flew with are nowhere to be found to this day he roams around the damned country of chernarus